Monkey D. Dragon and Gol D. Roger’s Connection


Was Dragon part of Gol D. Roger’s crew?

I was rereading some chapters and came across the EDD War with Shiki and Roger. Roger was demanded by Shiki to join his fleet to take over the WG.


Roger of course rejected the offer and his crew was severely outmatched by Shiki’s Armada yet, Gold D. Roger and his crew came out of the battle with ease. In one of the panel it stated that luck was on Roger’s side and a HUGE storm erupted in Roger’s favor.

Too much of a coincidence in my opinion.

Have you guys noticed MOST of the time Dragon is featured in the story, there’s always a storm? I know there are theories stating that Dragon has a DF that can control/manipulate weather or storms. If so, could Dragon have created the storm in order to demolish most of Shiki’s Armada in order to gain an advantage during the battle? What are your thoughts?

*Theory by Siegejaypark

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