Garp vs Akainu – Who would have won?


What would have happened if Akainu had killed both Luffy and Ace?


I’m sure Akainu would be dead as well. Sengoku wouldn’t be able to hold Garp down.

He was already about to lose it, when Ace died, if Akainu killed Luffy there is nobody on this battlefield who is gonna stop Garp from fisting him.


And now don’t try to explain me that he wasn’t capable of doing so. Yes he was long past his prime and he said he lost some strength himself, but he was still an abosulte monster. I even think he was the strongest person on the battlefield, before Shanks appeared.


I know Whitebeard was the strongest man in the world even at the age of 72, but remember the state he was in. He was not even at half of his strength compared to his prime, being old, sick and injured already at the beginning.

Even Marco pointed that out. Hence, he might even have been the weakest Yonko in the condition he was in.
And still look what he did to Akainu. If it wasn’t for plot armor, Akainu wouldn’t be the Fleet Admiral now, he would be lying in his grave.

Now we have Garp who is probably almost equal to Roger and Whitebeard in power level scaling.

And he is completly healthy in contrast to Whitebeard, he has no injuries and wants to murder Sakazuki. Somebody seriously think Akainu would have a chance to win against him?

*Theory by Doms Schett

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