Nefertari D. Lili’s Devil Fruit – Explained


Nefertari D Lili’s Devil Fruit – Explained

We were recently given a clue about Lily’s devil fruit and how Poneglyphs were scattered throughout the world. We know that during Void Century stonemasons of Wano created Poneglyphs. We know they’re impossible to destroy, but they’re not impossible to move around (Jinbe gifted one Poneglyph from Cover story to Big Mom and Red Poneglyph from Fishman Island is missing).


We theorized that at the end of the Void Century, Joy Boy spread Poneglyphs all over the world.. but how was he able to do it. Just by using ships would’ve taken extremely long time and many of the Poneglyphs would’ve been seized by World Government while traveling from one to another location – WHICH is what I believe actually happened, I do think World Government managed to seize all of them.

At the time, Lily was one of the 20 founding members of World Government and it seems she was allied with them, but in truth, she wasn’t allied. The spread of the Poneglyphs was made to look like an accident while the truth is that it was intentional, she was actually a traitor to World Government.


“The Liberation of Poneglyphs” – as I’ve said, I believe due to this sentence that World Government managed to seize poneglyphs and if not for Lily’s “mistake” Poneglyphs never would’ve scattered. They thought it was just a mistake. But it was a plan.

So how did Lily manage to scatter them all over the world in one day. Answer is easy. With her devil fruit. And what devil fruit has the power to teleport things from one location to another without being able to track its location?


She is the original user of Paw-Paw fruit. Both Kuma and Lily have similarities. Both were “allied” with the World Government while actually being allied with the enemy of the World Government.

*by RoronoaLuffyZoro

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