Oda has just revealed how Luffy would look at 40 and 60 years old!


Q: Odacchi, hello! I am a big fan of both Odacchi and Luffy. I have a question today for Odacchi! When he was a kid, Monkey D. Garp’s eyes were the same as Luffy’s, big and round. However, when he became an adult, they became narrow. So what about Luffy’s eyes? Once he turns 20, will his eyes also become like Garp’s?


Oda: Okay, this question comes from a translator in Vietnam in slightly different words. In short, will Luffy’s eyes become skinny like Garp’s once he turns 20? Since he turns 20 in only a year, I don’t think Luffy will be changing too much in such a short time.

Top row:

Age 40: Meat!!

Age 60: Meat!!!

Bottom row (a future if something happened/went wrong):

Age 40: Pirate king? It sounds like a dream

Age 60: Oh? Did you bring good meat?

Yes. In a future where things go well, he looks quite a lot like Garp doesn’t he? But in a future where something, somehow happens then who knows!! Okay, SBS is done!! Looking forward to next time!!

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