Recent Revelations present a Huge Opportunity for Zoro’s Story and Character Development


So with the recent revelation that we’ve learned about Zoro and his lineage, we now know that his Grandfather was a Swordsman from Shimotsuki VIllage, and his his father was killed in a battle against Pirates. This puts a whole new perspective behind Zoro’s “Pirate Hunter” Epithet.


For years, many people just assumed that Zoro gained the Epithet, because he worked as a Bounty Hunter, in order to make ends meet while on his quest to become the World’s Strongest Swordsman.

But there is still one blaring question, that has never been answered. Why does Zoro want to become the World’s Strongest Swordsman?

I believe that we might have been given the answer. If Zoro’s Grandfather was known to be a Swordsman, then it stands to reason, that his father was also taught Swordsmanship while growing up. He was most likely taught by Shimotsuki Kozaburo himself, before Koshiro took over the Dojo.


Fast forward to years later, and a group of Pirates attacked their Village, where Arashi ended up losing his life. But what if it wasn’t just any Pirates, but a crew that had a powerful Swordsman onboard? Perhaps even the Captain.

This could be what inspired Zoro to become the World’s Strongest Swordsman. But it doesn’t end there. Going back to Zoro’s “Pirate Hunter” epithet, what if Zoro has been trying to find the Pirate who killed his father, all those years ago? A powerful Swordsman, whom he witnessed take the life of his father? I think that would be an insane twist, which could really bring Zoro’s story together, and provide some great character development, if he is ever faced with the man who killed his father.


Perhaps we’ve been looking at it wrong the whole time. The Shimotsuki plotline is not the one Oda feels is important to Zoro’s story, but maybe it’s the Roronoa one, that is.

Do I think this is to be the case 100 percent? No, of course not. But I feel like the ducks are all in a row, and everything would fit nicely together, if Oda decides to go this route.

*by Celestial D. Dragon

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