Reverie will cause the start of the Final War!


This is mostly to do with the manga reaching a certain checkpoint we’ve all been waiting for sooner, a lot sooner than anticipated by most. Yes, I’m talking about the Final War, or at least one of the Final Wars in One Piece.


Ok, so as we know, the Revolutionary Army is planning to start a war against the Celestial Dragons at the Reverie in a couple of days and I’ve been thinking of certain implications that a large scale, global event like this might have on the future progression of the plot.

I think we’re entering a large scale conflict with the Revolutionaries, World Government, Straw Hats, and Kaido involved. Why Kaido? I’ll get to that in a second, but before that, let us rewind a little bit to when Shirahoshi decided to go to the Reverie. I remember when that chapter came out, people were speculating on what could go wrong with Poseidon going to the World Government. What if the World Government finds out about her identity and captures her? That was a question constantly being asked back then.


What if someone else found out, someone powerful enough to take on the whole world? I ran through a list of people who know about Poseidon, the Straw Hats, the royal members of the Ryugu Kingdom, etc. Back then I didn’t look beyond that. But recently in a video on YouTube, someone pointed out that Caribou (the creepy mud logia guy) was present and knows about Poseidon.


The video also mentioned how he was later shown to be captured by X Drake in a cover story. Even though we haven’t got confirmation, it seems pretty likely that Drake works for (or at least seems to work for) Kaido.

If Kaido gets to know of Poseidon, he’ll definitely try to get his hands on it (her). Either to become pirate king, kill himself, or take over the world. This isn’t really all that surprising until now. I mean, he declared that he would start the biggest war the world has ever seen. So people have been expecting to see Kaido at the center of all this.

What I think will happen in the manga next is, we’ll have a couple of chapters of Reverie, a cut to Wano when certain important ‘sparks’ take place and from that point onwards we’ll be in the middle of a large scale war. The ‘incident’ that was mentioned when the Grand Fleet was formed, that’s what this will lead to. Wano will be a major, MAJOR plot defining arc and I think we will witness the beginning of the end of One Piece in Wano. However, that doesn’t mean One Piece will be done soon. I just think the manga will be in high gear a few chapters into Wano. From that point onwards, the whole New World, or maybe even the whole world will be in a state of war for a very long time.

The Revolutionaries attack Mariejois, the World Government fights back. During this delicate situation, Kaido makes a move and attempts to capture Shirahoshi, Luffy fights to keep her safe but in all the chaos, the World government gets a hold of her. The Revolutionaries, the Straw Hats with the Grand Fleet and Kaido’s crew all after her. While this is happening, Big Mom makes her move to take revenge on Luffy, Shanks comes to his aid (remember, he even said the time to meet him is coming soon) Blackbeard makes an entrance too. Anything can happen!

Things are escalating rapidly in One Piece right now and we need to prepare ourselves to witness hundreds of chapters of a chaotic war scenario starting in just about a year maybe even sooner. This war will be the last big saga before the final end game reveals (Void Century, One Piece, Raftel, Will of D.)!

*Theory by ToBeThriller

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