Shanks’ Reaction to Bartolomeo burning his Flag


In the cover page of chapter 875 Bartolomeo burned down Shanks’ Jolly Roger to the citizens’ horror. I think he has gone too far lol. I am a big fan of Luffy but if I was in One Piece Universe I would be really scared to burn down flag of a Yonko.


There are many theories on the internet about Luffy’s mother, Zoro, Wano etc. but no solid theory about this fact. I think no one considers this a major incident because people think that Shanks would just laugh it off and forgive Bartolomeo as he sees stickers of Luffy or as Bartolomeo mentions Luffy. I don’t think so. I believe this will be a big incident and so many things can happen as a result of this.

First Shanks can’t simply not care here as most people believe. Bartolomeo has not only insulted Shanks but all the Red Hair Pirates. Shanks has to act on it because a Jolly Roger is the very existence of a pirate crew. If a crew does not respect it, it simply means they have no honour as pirates. That is why Luffy did not let Chopper’s flag to be dropped during the Drum Island arc.


Second, Bartolomeo burned Shanks’ flag which means he declared war against Shanks (when Ussop burned the World Government flag they said it meant the Straw Hats had declared war against the World Government).


If Bartolomeo starts hurting those people like he did on the last island, Shanks won’t just laugh it off. He didn’t get to be a Yonkou by going easy on pirates who torture and extort the people in his territory. Shanks is a good guy but still he is a pirate. Don’t forget what happened to Eustass Kid in his encounter with the Red Hair Pirates.

Now even if Shanks forgives Bartolomeo for Luffy, other crew members Benn Beckman, Lucky Roo, Yasopp like newcomers don’t give a shit about Luffy. They would take that as an insult and if Shanks doesn’t take action it would be an insult, you can’t just declare war against Yonko and get away with it.

Now I know it’s not their actual flag like the one on their ship but seeing how other pirates care a lot about their Jolly Rogers, Shanks isn’t just going to take it easy.
Of course I don’t mean they’ll have one on one fight since I don’t want Luffy’s biggest fan to die. But I think Bartolomeo has to pay a price for what he did. If Luffy hears about it he is going to be pissed. I’m sure Oda is setting something up for the future.

*Theory by GodSogeking

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