Straw Hats will end up having more Conqueror’s Haki users than the legendary Rocks Pirates!


I’ve decided to create this thread because a lot of people doubt whether Sanji will get Conqueror’s Haki or not, and that seems strange to me. I have no intention to hype or wank Sanji, I’m just saying what I think the story is heading towards. The question of Luffy having Conqueror’s Haki users in his crew has come up before many times, and each time I’ve said that, at the very least, Zoro, Ussop and Sanji will get Conqueror’s Haki. But, since Zoro has been confirmed to have it, I decided to expand on it in a specific topic. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


Rocks D. Xebec was the greatest pirate of all time

Since the first chapter of One Piece people thought (including myself) that Roger [The Pirate King] was the greatest pirate of all time, but that is not true.

Later we found out that Rocks was even greater pirate than Roger. This dude had four confirmed Conqueror’s Haki users in his crew. To put it into perspective, Roger had only two Conqueror’s Haki users if you exclude Scopper Gaban, but even if Scopper Gaban had Conqueror’s Haki, it still wouldn’t be enough. Also, keep in mind that Shanks back then was just a kid, he didn’t awaken Conqueror’s Haki yet, but whatever. On top of that, Rocks also had Wang Zhi, Silver Axe and Captain John in his crew, and I can bet that they were also Conqueror’s Haki users too. But that doesn’t end there, there are slight hints in the story that Shanks and Buggy were actually born in Rocks’ crew since both of them are 39 years old as of right now, and in Oden’s flashback Roger said that “it has been long since he held children in his hands.” And I’m not even going to include Katakuri since he was born in Rocks’ crew, otherwise it would be too much for one captain…


With all do respect to Roger, but the only reason he became the Pirate King is because he outlived Rocks. Roger didn’t-and-couldn’t overcome Rocks, Roger’s crew wasn’t good enough or strong enough. Roger himself probably wasn’t as strong as Rocks since he needed Garp’s help, who was by the way equal to Roger, in order to defeat him.


This is what Chinjao said about the Pirate King title.

Rocks was literally the Conqueror of the Conquerors, if Roger was the King of the Pirates then Rocks was the God of the Pirates. It’s similar to the strongest swordsmen, if we can consider Mihawk as the King of the Swordsmen then Ryuma was the God of the Swordsmen, and we know that Zoro will surpass both of them, just like Luffy will surpass both Rocks and Roger.

The parallels between Luffy’s crew and Rocks’ crew

Now, before I start, I wanna sincerely ask everyone to read this thread till the end before going nuts on me, ok! So, here we go…

I know, I know, I know… stop writing your angry comments and first listen to me, ok guys!? Just listen to me! Let’s start with the parallels between Sanji and Whitebeard.

Both Sanji and Whitbeard are orphans, they were forced to fight for their lifes since their childhood, of course they were orphans for different reasons but that doesn’t change the point.

Both Sanji and Whitbeard are famous for their incredible kindness, both of them showed kindness even to their enemies and those who betrayed them.

Both Whitbeard and Sanji don’t have great ambitions, Whitbeard could have become the Pirate King but he simply refused to. Sanji never wanted anything great for himself, he never had a great ambition just like Whitbeard.

Both Whitbeard and Sanji are blonde and have some type of facial hair in their faces.

Now, let’s go with the parallels between Zoro and Kaido.

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