The arc after Elbaf will focus around Vegapunk.
But not pureley about Vegapunk!

I have very high stuff to speculate about, with you guys!


Now that I have your attention!

In order to understand me better I will tell you about my current view of the Yonko Wars saga and the upcomming Ebaf arc.
I don’t have to prove it as it is speculation and based on observation of One Piece logics/algorythmics.
I think that the Reverie will startas next.
The Reverie is based on real world conferences which last about several days.
In order to have the Wano arc we will most likely to be fast done with the Reverie.
That’s why we will get only an introduction of the Reverie.
Wano in my eyes won’t be a Marineford 2.0 but in my eyes a Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archiepelago 2.0. We right now got alot of T.B. references in the current Big Mom arc, but most likely also Water 7/Enies Lobby references.
You see…in my eyes all the current New World arcs are parallels and builds ups of arcs we had in the past.
A pattern that I use to predict the Marineford reference and the arcs atfterwards.


In my eyes the Reverie will have a second part a war!
This is most likely speculation, but based that the Reverie last several days and after the Wano arc we will get the final uncovering of what happened or will happen!
A very superior theorist in my eyes Random Boredom Production made a theory about the Reverie where he explains what might happen.
He was building up my One Piece universe but also before I agreed with the most stuff he said.
As a theoryobserver and fan it is my job to complete puzzles and honor people for their work.
I will link the theory below. (first link)

This war will parallel the Marineford war!

You don’t have to believe it nakamas but take this into consideration please!

So what will happen afterwards?

As most people believe it is Elbaf.
Elbaf in general might happen after Wano & Reverie or Reverie & Wano, depends on how you see it.
I see more pro arguments than con arguments for this.
The current Big Mom arc is hinting to it, also the introduction of Hajrudin and Buggy as Shichibukai are hinting for the upcomming Elbaf arc in the new world.

With entering the new world alot of stuff or plots has been foreshadowed since then plot by plot got uncovered.
An example is the Introduction of Kidd after the time skip where he showed his hate for Luffy with his expressions, this is basically a foreshadowing to an upcomming rivality on the Wano Kuni arc.
Also further appearances of Kidd were connected to Kaido and Wano then.
This is a simple build up.
Same stuff with Buggy, he got introduced as Shichibukai and then Luffy took away his giants so Buggy starts a rage against Luffy. He wants to take back the giants so this leads into this connection that Buggy might chase Luffy to Elbaf.

With adding this theory just aside you can clearly get a picture on how I work.

We all know how a saga work and that there are arcs that sometimes lead into a saga or open up a new arc.

We all know that Dressrosa was the end of the Pirate Alliance saga. But it also was leading or how to say…building up into the Yonko wars saga.

For example Amazon Lily arc also introduced 2 further arcs.
At Amazon Lily we knew the 2 upcomming arcs.

I speculate that Oda will use the same pattern or a similair one in Elbaf.

Elbaf will lead into the upcoming saga of Vegapunk & Enel!

Let’s have a closer look at Elbaf and just folow my story and speculations!

Wiki is saying this about the picture:

The most notable landscape features are the island’s steep rough mountains and what appears to be an extremely large tree placed around the center of the island.

There are theories saying that this tree might also be the source of Giant Jack which is keeping the Upper Yard in Skypiea.

Elbaf might be the connection to different worlds like Skypiea and probably the world Urouge is comming from.
I will link 2 theories, one from RBP and one from JoyBoy that explain those connections. (link 2 and link 3 in order)

This is needed as set up for the future saga!

This picture is from “coreymill” on DevianArt! Honors to this fellow nakama!
It explains alot of my thoughts.
But I am not a real hype fan of a space arc.
People suggest it and speculate about it.
But maybe space can also be a reference to a sci-fi related arc.

So let’s talk about the moon and space or well if you made it this far you might be finished with reading and would like to hear another theory of JoyBoy?

Link 4 is JoyBoys recent theory about the moon and space in the One Piece world.
He is connecting it with devil fruits!

Short summary:
JoyBoy theorizes that devil fruits origin might be related to the space and this is the reason why their powers are weak to seawater.
He also speculates that the trees that produce or produced the devil fruits are brought from the three races of the moon down to earth.
The trees whould have been planted by some kind of space pirates in the One Piece space.
Alot of other stuff also but this might connect Vegapunk into this whole stuff.
Also the Celestial Dragons also wear space suits (basically) in order to honor the events of the past and the devil fruits.

I never thought about it but I want to use it as base for this speculations and again great honors to JoyBoy theories for this work!

I speculate that Elbaf might be the biggest Island also having the biggest plants in the One Piece world (foreshadowing to Usopp arc), thus it houses the Giant Jack!
Giant Jack is the highest plant in the world and leads to the white sea!
The white sea is the only possible place to launch a spacefly.
Elbaf might lead into an investigation or it might assists for an arriving of Enel.
Enel might have learned the truth about the devil fruits origin or the ancient weapons.
Enel might not want a direct war, but maybe he wants to do something with this wisdom.

So Oda once stated that “If a certain character will make his appearance, then we will know more about the powers & origns of devil fruits.” Similair like this, not exactly quoted. :D

Me, aswell as most of the fandom want and theorize this person to be Vegapunk!
Vegapunk gets slightly more foreshadowin, arc by arc.
So to fill the plot for what might happen after Wano and Elbaf, the most common thing that would fit and need to be resolved is Vegapunk!

In order to research space and devil fruits we need technology that is centuries ahead of the common one.
It was stated that Vegapunk posses the knowledge about this technologies.
Vegapunk in my eyes just fits the space and devil fruit theme.

So how do I picture myself the arc after Elbaf?

I think in Elbaf the Strawhats might learn something about the space, we will know about the connection of the skyislands with Giant Jack also.
Enel might arrive back to the world with supreme knowledge about the ancient weapons but especially the devil fruits.
Vegapunk will make an appearance within that time or he will be foreshadowed.
The island after Elbaf might involve Vegapunk and the devil fruits research lab!
Enel might appear also in this arc.
Urouge might also be there.

So I want to make a final connection or some psychologic fact.
Due to the size of giants it is possible that giants might be a race that is searching for bigger things! They adore and prey to the sun!
I think this might imply the theory that giants may be masters of astrology!

And finally for the fans!
Vegapunk branche in the marine is most likely under Kizaru & Sentomarou.
So connecting Kizaru with Vegapunk is always correct.
A fight between Enel and Kizaru is possible in my eyes.
Why should Oda do this? In order to show Enel’s true power level!
We know Luffy only won because of a natural counter!
Since then we never were able to see Enels true potential power level!

*Theory by Rej Discussions

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