The brilliant way Oda has been setting up the collapse of the 3 Great Powers throughout the series!


Slowly and steadily Oda has been building up towards a world collapse that will erupt around the same time the One Piece is found.


It’s impossible to go into all the details of the collapse but I think this is a proper timeline of the collapse of the three main powers in the world and how the worst generation live up to their name by breaking it all.

Stage 1

  • Crocodile takes control of Alabasta.
  • Luffy takes down Crocodile.
  • Blackbeard turns Ace in and gains Crocodile’s spot.
  • The Emperor Whitebeard goes to Marineford to fight for Ace.
  • Blackbeard uses the opportunity to recruit people at Impel Down and kill Whitebeard.

Current Status: 1 Emperor down, 4 Emperors and Shichibukai power system shaken but stable.

Stage 2

  • Sengoku steps down.
  • Akainu and Akaoji fight for power.
  • Akaoji renounces.
  • Green Bull and Fujitora rise to power.
  • Blackbeard becomes an Emperor.
  • Law becomes a Warlord to then go after Doflamingo.
  • Doflamingo gets taken down by Luffy.
  • Fujitora then proposes the idea of the abolition of the seven Warlords.

Current Status: 2 Warlords down, Admirals power system shaken but stable, 4 Emperors stable, Shichibukai power system shaken.

Stage 3 – Reap what you sow

  • The King of Alabasta and Dressrosa stand up against the Shichibukai.
  • The Shichibukai system gets disbanded.
  • Two Emperors are dragged down by the Worst Generation.
  • The Revolutionary Army sparks a fire of rebellion and burns a fire in the Holy Land.
  • Fujitora and Green Bull lose the fight against the Revolutionary Army.

Current Status: 2 Emperors down, the Shichibukai power system disbanded, the Admirals and the World Government shaken and lacking manpower.

Stage 4 – The collapse of the world as we know it

This is the stage we’ll see in the Final Saga

*by LookSWtco

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