Admiral Green Bull was a new marine recruit during the 2 year time-skip. Not much is known about him but from the few things we do know we can attempt to unveil the mystery behind one of the powerhouses of the Marines. Let’s start by comparing him to previous Admirals:


All Admirals seem to be following a peculiar pattern. If we assume that Dragon was an Admiral in his past, due to his relationship with Garp, we can begin to see that all Admirals have a color that can also be found in a rainbow. However, no Admiral has the color Orange; the last color required to complete the rainbow. Why?

Here is Oda drawing the colors of the rainbow as a reference:

The reason we are missing an Orange Admiral is because he has yet to be introduced. Kizaru has yet to leave his position like Akoiji and Akainu did in their time. Once Kizaru leaves, it is likely that an upcoming Vice Admiral will come and take up his position.

A good contender could be Coby, as he is often seen wearing an Orange or Green bandanna around his head. He was trained by Garp after all; just like Zorro was trained by Mihawk, or like Luffy was trained by Rayleigh…


So What is Green Bull’s Role Within the Story?

Green Bull’s role is to show that Admirals are no longer unbeatable. We got our first glimpse in Dessrosa when Luffy openly challenged Fujitora. Now, as we head to Wano, we are going to see the full extent of an Admiral’s power.


I hypothesize that Admiral Green Bull is working for Kaido. As the Marines attempted to find stronger allies, Kaido saw his chance to infiltrate the ranks of the Marines. He therefore sent a really strong ally aka., Green Bull to apply to become a Marine. However, that is not all…

Take into account;
1) The Chances of a random civilian being Admiral level
2) Why is Oda making the StrawHats have so many allies for Wano? When in WCI, half of the crew can already match everyone except for the Yonko?
3) The Marines didn’t even know Cracker’s true identity, so perhaps the true identity of Kaido’s ally is also a mystery to the world government?
4) Lastly, Kaido’s jolly roger has horns on it, Jack has horns, and… a bull also has horns. Green Bull could very well be the Beast Pirates’ strongest ally

However, there is a problem with this theory. In the final war, how could only three Admirals (Akianu, Kizaru, Aokiji), plus Garp and Sengoku be able to handle the combined might of the Revolutionary army, Straw Hat Pirates, and other allies such as the remnants of the White Beard Pirates? The Marines seem outmatched.

However, keep in mind that the Marines still have the Gorosei, future Orange Admiral Coby, Kong, CP0, and other possible world government allies that Oda has yet to introduce. So having Green Bull work for Kaido during Wano is a possibility.

The Matchups Could Look Something Like This:

Kaido Vs. Luffy, Law, & Kid

Green Bull Vs. Luffy (Skirmish in G4), than Jozu and Vista

King Vs. Marco

Shogun Vs. Zoro

Queen Vs. Jinbe

Jack Vs. Mink Kings (Get Defeated), than Sanji (Wins)

Kaido’s Veterans Vs. Wano’s Rebelion forces (7 Strongest samurai)​

Then, at the end of Wano, we might get to see Green Bull switching sides to become a full-fledged Marine after Kaido’s defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat-Mink-Heart Pirate alliance. It all depends, on Green Bull’s relationship with Kaido.

So What Devil Fruit will Green Bull have?

I hypothesis that Green Bull will have the Tsuchi Tsuchi no mi (The Paramecia of controlling Earth/Gravel).

With this DF he will be very powerful and will be able to move the ground near his vicinity as he wishes. This DF matches the theme that Fujitora started; that is that new admirals have a paramecia instead of a logia.

So what are your thoughts? Does this theory have some truth to it?

*Theory by BlazinKicks

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