The Four Most Popular Theories about the Final Number of 13 Straw Hats




This theory started back when Oda created the color spread of chapter 651. Many say that Oda will have a straw hat related to each animal of the zodiac.

  1. Rat – ?
  2. Bull – Franky
  3. Tiger – Zoro
  4. Rabbit – ?
  5. Dragon – ?
  6. Snake – Usopp. Usopp was drawn connected to the only reptile in the color spread
  7. Horse – Brook
  8. Sheep – Sanji
  9. Monkey – Luffy
  10. Rooster – Robin
  11. Dog – Chopper
  12. Boar – Jinbe (Wild boar are Yama Kujira in Japan which translates to “mountain whale”)
  13. Cat – Nami


This theory is based off of the cover page of chapter 861.


There are 13 cats. Each cat indicates a Straw Hat.

  1. Cat 1 is Nami because sitting under a parasol is her typical pose on the ship.
  2. Cat 2 is drunk and wearing a sash, we know it’s Zoro.
  3. Cat 3 seems to be Franky to me.
  4. Cat 4 has a spy type cat, Nico Robin our cool infiltrator.
  5. Cat 5 looks like Chopper learned to peak, still poorly.
  6. Cat 6 with one eye closed is Sanji.
  7. Cat 7 is probably Brook.
  8. Cat 8 is doing Luffy’s sly finger under the nose pose.
  9. Cat 9 seems like Usopp, the only cat with different ears which fits Usopp since to this day has never shown his ears.
  10. Cat 10 wearing a kimono drinking like an adult is Jinbe.
  11. Cat 11
  12. Cat 12
  13. Cat 13

As I said I didn’t think too hard on which cat means which Straw Hat but there being 13 total is the point.

Anyways these are all the theories I could think of that involve 13 Straw Hats. Which is your favorite?

*by GreenLanturn73

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