The Greatest War the World has ever seen: Kaido and Wano VS Shanks and Elbaf!


Kaido is preparing for a war against “Red-Haired” Shanks and Elbalf.


Wano is just around the corner so today I’m gonna talk about The Wano War. The Wano War is coming up soon and we will definitely see a proper clash between 2 Yonkos and a war between the Strongest Kingdoms in One Piece.

Did Shanks and Kaido clash 2 years ago?

“Red-Hair moved to stop him…everyone is in a state of supreme tension”

Shanks actually stopped Kaido from killing Whitebeard. They did not physically fight, well mabye a little…

Kaido’s goal is to kill himslef and like he said in Kidd’s base he wants to start a huge war.

At first his goal is to attack Whitebeard and start a war with Whitebeard but Shanks knew about his health and how he was slowly dying before he stepped into Marineford and Kaido is portrayed as a warrior so why kill a man whose dying?? By Kaido’s beliefs Whitebeard was also someone whose unkillable. So what could Shanks do without breaking out a huge war?

Kaido wanted war, Shanks offered him a war with the Red Hair Pirates which meant that Shanks bought himself some time to go to Marineford and prepare for a war with Kaido in 2 years.

Postponing battles are something that we saw before in Marineford

Mihawk vs Vista


“Let us postpone this match for the moment, Vista”

And Vista agreed by saying that it would be advantageous for both of them.

So why would Mihawk want to postpone a duel??
He also said that he does not remember the face of every insect he crushes but Vista ain’t no insect he’s the Swordsman of the Whitebeard Pirates and also it not being a proper duel. Why??It was a battlefield and interruptions would be made also due to them having no time to have a proper duel though Mihawks job was to prevent everyone from saving Ace he couldn’t waste all that time battling one person so he wanted to delay and face a worthy Swordsmen in a proper duel.

So in conclusion Shanks did not fight Kaido, he just changed Kaido’s target from Whitebeard to himself.

Luffy also did the same to Big Mom by turning her target agsinst Fishman Island to himself.

Why Kaido took over Wano?


It’s highly speculated that Shanks has a connection to Elbalf so what will Kaido do to win a war against the Elbalf Giant Army? The next best thing??

Samurai Army of Wano

Let me explain why Samurai would be the next best thing. Remember Kin’emon and Ryūma were able to produce extremely powerful slashes that can even cut the Giants.

So an army of highly skilled Samurai.

The other fact is that Kaido only took over Wano sometime after his meeting with Shanks so he took it over during the timeskip and he’s portrayed as someone who can take over a country overnight but he made a plan with the Shogun of Wano.


Kaido and Kozuki Oden were allies but Oden refused to go to war with Shanks who was a Roger Pirate too but Kaido knew that the Zoan Army was not enough for the Red Hair Pirates and the Elbalf Army so he made a deal with the Shogun and took over Wano and executed Kozuki Oden.

Other thing is that before he killed Kozuki Oden he told Momonosuke that his father was a foolish lord meaning that they knew each other and his reason for killing Oden could be because he didn’t use his army to help Kaido go into war.

The preparations

On Shanks side, let’s see how he’s preparing for this:

Elbalf calling back the Giants

It’s true that Hajrudin is now part of the Strawhat Grand Fleet but Luffy hasn’t called the fleet yet so he left Buggy’s delivery and was last seen leaving with 5 other giants so where could he be going? He’s going to Elbalf to prepare for the War.

Now on Kaido’s side. We know what Kaido is doing:

Zoan Army

Back in Sabody Archipelago pre-timeskip Doflamingo gave up the human auction and said that Smile is the future

About 4 days later Kaido was stopped by Shanks meaning that Kaido was preparing to go to war with Whitebeard at the time

Kaido has been buying Smiles for over 2 years and he’s gathered over 500 Zoan Users along with the Samurai Army of Wano.

Possible people who could appear:

Buggy following Hajrudin to Elbalf with his massive crew could be what Shanks could actually want. Shanks using Buggy for a treasure map again:)

Will this happen?

I’d say that this can go either way but mostly that this is going to happen because Kaido has gone out of his way to stop the people who are targeting Shanks like Eustass Kidd Alliance so he can start this war.

On the other side we are all looking towards seeing Kaido vs Luffy in Wano but like I said Shanks could have declared war against Kaido to stop him from going to attack against Whitebeard and Kaido said he’s gonna start a war and it cannot be against someone who he doesn’t even take seriously so I believe that Kaido vs Shanks could be in Wano.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

Kaido’s Possible Devil Fruit

Pudding will help the Strawhats with her acting abilities