The Moon and the Nine Shadows in Toki’s Prophecy


I’ve seen a lot of people speculate about which 9 fighters will take down Kaido, and many people cite Lady Toki’s statement as the main reason for this supposed number of fighters.


I was recently rereading the chapter with Toki’s prophecy, and I completely disagree with the notion that Toki was referring to Kaido’s demise. I think Toki was talking about the “Dawn” of the entire world (not Wano specifically) and this will be when the World will be overturned.

This is the scene right before Toki’s Prophecy:

Oden: Searching for the day the world is overturned then jump 20 years and the day you seek shall— (Toki cuts him off)

  • So no mention of Kaido.
  • Oden is talking about when the world is overturned not when Wano will be liberated.

This is the actual prophecy:


Let’s analyze Toki’s prophecy:

Toki: You are the Moon unaware of the Dawn may your purpose be filled…

  • It seems that Toki is referring to a certain character as The Moon, who might it be (I’ll give my best answer later in this post).
  • And that the Moon is unaware of this supposed Dawn.

Toki: And cast 9 Shadows on the night woven of 20 years and you shall know the brilliance of the Dawn.

  • Again no mention of Kaido or Wano.
  • And I believe that we won’t have another time-skip so the 20 years timeline can still fit with the supposed Dawn of the World.
  • The Moon will cast 9 Shadows that will know the brilliance of the Dawn, nowhere does Toki state that 9 Shadows will defat Kaido or 9 Shadows will liberate Wano.

Ok, so who is the Moon and who are the 9 Shadows?

  • I Believe that the Moon is Luffy, this because of 2 reasons. 1st: Luffy, currently, seems to be completely unaware of this supposed Dawn and what his role is. 2nd: I believe that it is Luffy’s mission to bring in the Dawn of the world.
  • Who are the 9 Shadows? The Straw Hats are the 9 Shadows. Their numbers align perfectly, and the Straw hats symbolically represent Luffy’s shadow.
  • Toki was talking about the “Dawn” of the entire world (not Wano specifically) and this will be when the World will be overturned.

Something funny I found is that we actually do get a prophecy about those who will defeat Kaido and liberate Wano, but people seem to ignore it for some reason.

Oden: “Over 20 years in the future powerful pirates leading the next generation will come swarming into the New World. If I am dead by then they will be the ones to strike down Kaido”

  • Oden is referring to the Supernovas, more specifically the 5 most influential/powerful Supernovas (Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer & Law).
  • Oda is clearly telling the reader that these “New Gen Powerful Pirates” will be the ones to “strike down Kaido”. The fight with Kaido has nothing to do with Toki’s previous statement regarding the 9 Shadows.

*Theory by Usidbader12

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