The most dangerous enemy of the Revolutionary Army is not the World Government


The Blackbeard Pirates thus obtained the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune and the Suke Suke no Mi while two of the Revolutionary Commanders, Morley and Karasu, have such devil fruits perfect for infiltrating somewhere.


Morley ate the Oshi Oshi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to push away any substance. Using this power, he can easily move underground.

Karasu has eaten a Devil Fruit of an unknown type that allows him to turn his body and clothes into a murder of crows. In this form, he is capable of performing actions over a wide area, as shown when he stole all of the Pinkbeard Pirates’ swords at once.


Both Karasu and Morley were present in Reverie with Sabo and the Revolutionary Army has not heard of them since.

5– It is very likely that Blackbeard is, or considers himself, as the heir of Rocks D. Xebec who was defeated by Roger and Garp.


At the end of Part I of One Piece Blackbeard, Xebec’s heir, defeated Roger’s son Ace in a duel. Blackbeard therefore sort of avenged Xebec at Banaro Island.

But Dragon, the Leader of the Revolutionary Army, is also Garp’s son. Are you starting to see where I’m going? Since Oda enjoys parallels, one would expect Blackbeard to defeat the son of the other winner of Xebec towards the end of Part 2 of One Piece.

6– Luffy is currently facing off against Kaido and Big Mom, who have the 2nd and 3rd highest bounties in the One Piece world.

If Luffy defeats both of them he will certainly surpass Blackbeard. Now Blackbeard is Luffy’s main rival and perhaps the manga’s final antagonist. It would seem strange that Luffy is surpassing him at this point. So I think Blackbeard is going to accomplish a feat that will keep him on par with Luffy, and what better way than defeating the 1st and 4th highest bounties in the world i.e. Dragon and Shanks?

*Theory by Albrede

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