The Mysterious Ally that Vegapunk mentioned in Chapter 1071


I had a lot of possible candidates in mind for the ally Vegapunk called in Chapter 1071, but something clicked earlier when I was watching a chapter reaction.


The criteria for who this person could be are as follows:

– Someone who would instill unanimous confidence in the Vegapunk escape mission, be it via strength, reliability, anything that would help protect them from CP0.

– Someone who would be putting themself at risk of discovery by the World Government.

– Obviously, someone who is allied with Vegapunk and has been awaiting a potential order.

So a lot of ideas have been pitching folks like Fujitora (who fills or can believably fill all three criteria), Ochoku/Wang Zhi (could also fill those criteria), Scopper Gaban (similar story). I think out of these options, Fujitora feels the most realistic to me, but another idea I heard floating around a bit was that Stussy is the one who disabled the frontier dome. I like this idea, but what really clicked for me is the idea that Stussy is in fact, the ally Vegapunk has in mind.

Thinking about it in more detail, we very recently got the reveal that Du Feld is the person responsible for sponsoring MADS, with the chapter after showing someone in the group shot that looks a LOT like Stussy.

Du Feld’s lab, MADS


Alleged Stussy all the way on the right with her back turned


Now think back to Whole Cake Island when we were first introduced to Stussy. I’ll account this in a little detail, as it carries a nice hint for this idea.We were introduced to her as the “Queen of the Pleasure District”, alongside an older Du Feld, and many other prominent leaders in the underworld. Later during the commotion at the wedding, Du Feld sneaks off to loot the Tamate Box. Stussy catches him in the act and kills him. Dead! For an attempted robbery of a treasure that’s not even hers. What reason would Stussy have to just kill a major player in the underworld unless he were to pose some threat to her? I think Stussy kills Du Feld because he knows of her connection to Vegapunk. Stussy says “The World Government will be claiming the box” and pressures Morgans to ‘print that version of the story’, to hide her actual intent. She even goes on essentially follow him home at the end of the arc.. maybe to make absolute certain her hit on Du Feld didn’t get out to the public.

Stussy finding a suitable alibi for killing Du Feld

…and telling Morgans to run with the ‘Tamate Box’ alibi for her discreet assassination.

With that in mind, it would be strange if Vegapunk and his clones didn’t acknowledge that they had a person on their side within CP0 who was presently on the island. This would instill a lot of confidence in the escape mission considering they’d have an ally within the ranks of the opposers, and it would also pose an immediate threat to Stussy’s position if that connection to VP were exposed in front of the other agents.

By extension, though this feels a little more flimsy as of yet, I also agree that it’s possible that Stussy could have been the one to disable the dome in this same chapter. The dome went down after Vegapunk made the call, and stayed down long enough to distract Lucci and Kaku and buy her some time to assist Vegapunk.. though they almost didn’t take the bait:

Stussy looking a little shook here…

So I think Stussy is the ally that Vegapunk calls, as she’s strongly hinted at having history with Vegapunk and even kills MADS’s former sponsor, Du Feld, likely to protect her cover as someone still allied with him. The tamate box angle provided the perfect alibi.. which she ensured Morgans would print in the papers. She would make a perfect countermeasure against CP0 since one of her roles is a CP0 agent.

*Theory by SuperMaxo

Scopper Gaban will make his first appearance in the current arc!

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