The Pinnacle of Power in One Piece


First of all, no disrespect to Law and Kid. Everyone agrees that they were impressive in the last 3 Chapters (1038-1039-1040). They were victorious against Big Mom and they totally deserved the win. But a part of the community as usual ignore the whole picture.


It wasn’t the victory of the mightiest ones. It was a ring out victory. Big Mom took all the strongest attacks Law and Kid had to offer and she still wasn’t out of the fight. She was pushed out of the ring (Onigashima) with a nuclear bomb. Anyone who ignores these facts is just pushing agendas. Big Mom lost the fight but still Big Mom > Awakened Law + Awakened Kid.

Now, let’s talk about Advanced Conqueror’s Haki and our boy Luffy. Luffy is fighting Kaido in a 1v1 fight without any sneak attacks or distraction. It’s a straight up brawling slugfest there between 2 men.


Whoever is stronger will triumph at the end. Also, unlike Big Mom who underestimated Kid and Law till the very end, Kaido has been serious since the beginning and stated that he hasn’t had a serious 1v1 in a long time. Luffy can only stand against Kaido in a 1v1 because of Advanced Conqueror’s Haki. He isn’t even using Gear 4.


I am not gonna talk about Zoro and Yamato because Zoro is in the phase of Chapter 1010 Luffy (he just learned Advanced Conqueror’s Haki), not Chapter 1026 Luffy who got the hang of this new ability. Yamato also seems like just grew naturally and never fought a death match despite what she thinks of her father. Because if Kaido wanted to kill her, she would have been dead. Without a death match, it’s proven to be hard to master the advanced versions of Haki.

To summarize,

Big Mom > Awakened Law + Awakened Kid

Luffy is fighting Kaido, the strongest Yonko equally solely because of Advanced Conqueror’s Haki

So, to say Advanced Conqueror’s Haki is overrated after Oda making a big deal out of it and proving the hype (Luffy fighting Kaido equally), is nothing but pushing agendas.

One last thing, whenever a character reaches the pinnacle of power in One Piece, Oda lets us know with this iconic moment,

Once Law and Kid reach that level, Oda will show us.

*by Joyboy543

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