The Post-Wano Arc is going to be insane!


The Onigashima raid is slowly starting to reach its conclusion.


The post arc is always super hype in One Piece, but the post-Wano arc is going to be special.

Let’s just take a look at the list of the all plot points/things we can expect or hope for:

  • New bounties! This one is obvious but likely the entire Straw Hat Crew, Law, Kid, and maybe even Yamato or some of the Scabbards will get new or increased bounties. With CP0 being on the island and witnessing/reporting so much of what’s happening we can expect so crazy increases.
  • Poneglyphs, Poneglyphs everywhere! So Brook found one in Orochi’s castle in the Flower Capital, Law found one in the Ongashima basement and we still have the Road Poneglyph that Kaido has somewhere. Not to mention the two regular and one Road Poneglyph rubbings that Brook stole in Whole Cake. Four pure info Poneglyphs and 50% of the map to Laugh Tale!
  • Warlords situation. What’s going on with the Warlords? Was Boa captured by the marine fleet? Did Buggy escape? What are Weevil and his moms plans now that they’re wanted? How many people has Mihawk absolutely destroyed lol. And now that they’re wanted again we may be EVEN MORE BOUNTIES!
  • Sabo and Vivi. What the heck was reported on about these two?! Whether they were captured or it’s reported Sabo killed Vivi or Cobra or whatever the mystery turns out to be, we may get a glimpse in the post-Wano arc!
  • Imu and Gorosei’s reactions. The Gorosei directly put a hit out on Luffy and (I’m assuming) he’s gonna come out of this alive and stronger than ever. That may get us a scene from the highest powers of the World Government, and every time they’re on screen we get some good nugget of info.
  • Shanks admitting Luffy is ready. Once Luffy takes down a Yonko it’s very likely Shanks will admit Luffy is ready to return the hat and meet up again.
  • The SSG on the move? We know Fujitora advocated for the Shichibukai to be disbanded and one of his big ways to convince everyone was the existence of the newly formed SSG. Whether they’re cyborgs, enhanced humans, new weapons or whatever there’s a small chance we’ll see them confronting the Warlords or Revolutionaries.
  • New crew member! Yamato could join the Straw Hats, in fact I’m pretty much convinced she will, only adding to the post-Wano arc hype.

*by jacksonrslick

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