The Reason Why Blackbeard wants Moria to join his Crew


I believe that’s the reason why Shiryu took the Suke Suke no Mi from Absalom. He can become Invisible now.


Just think about Blackbeard Pirates carefully:

1-Lafitte can hypnotise anyone and he has proven his success by infiltrating Mary Geoise.

2-Catarina Devon can shape shift into in any person. She is basically a nine tail fox.


3-And now Shiryu can become invisible. They are perfect for any kind of infiltration and they are clearly planning for it.


Furthermore Avalo Pizarro has the ability to merge with an island’s environment and manipulate it. Van Augur has the ability to teleport himself and others from place to place. The Blackbeard Pirates have the most subtlety devil fruits by far.

They could also revive legends from the past like Gol D. Roger. We really don’t know what happened after Roger was executed. Was he buried somewhere or was his body taken and hidden somewhere with tied security by the World Government.

Well just thinking about it make me wonder how dangerous Moria’s devil fruit can become. Imagine all the strong dead people revived and being on black side. Imagine Gol D. Roger, Xebec D. Rocks and Whitebeard revived and fighting for Blackbeard.

*Theory by animelover421

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