The Reason why Oda decided to go with Koby vs Hancock


What is the one thing that Hancock and Coby have in common? Luffy. Hancock is in love with him, while Coby is his number two fan after Bartolomeo.


Now, no longer having to mantain her Warlord status, there’s no real reason for Boa Hancock to hide her love anymore. She’s probably going to say something like “I won’t lose because I am the woman who will marry the Pirate King” or something like that.

Now, I doubt Coby would know Hancock is basically deluding herself, so he’ll probably think that Hancock and Luffy really are genuine lovers. This is going to cause him some major conflict. Is he really willing to help the World Government capture (and most likely execute) his friend/idol’s fiancee?


Would Luffy ever forgive him for that? If he learns about Boa Hancock’s history with the Celestial Dragons that would probably make this moral conflict even worse (I doubt Boa will ever willingly tell him, but maybe he sees one of the Gorgon sisters backs during the battle).


I see a few possibilities emerging from this:

1-Coby just feels guilty like Garp in Marineford but nothing much else. Hancock either defeats the Marines or gets captured without it affecting the outcome and the whole thing is just foreshadowing for some more proper character development later on. Most boring option in my opinion.

2-Coby helps Hancock get away. I’m kinda doubtful of this one since Coby was dedicated enough to the Marines to try prevent Luffy from saving Ace. But if SWORD is being set up to have a conflict with the rest of the Marines I can see it happening.

3-Coby tells Boa Hancock the intel he learned from X Drake about Luffy being imprisoned in Wano. Boa Hancock heads there after defeating or escaping the Marines. This is probably the most exciting option in my opinion.

*Theory by Dreadnautilus

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