The Secret of Mihawk’s Special Haki


Since there has been a whole lot of Shanks/Mihawk discussions as of late, it got me thinking about something. Now I believe Mihawk has the power to project his future sight on to other people. Now this may sounds crazy at first but let me explain.


Mihawk’s original title was planned to be “clairvoyant” which basically implies someone who can see the future, although this was changed later to “Hawk Eyes” (which still obviously implies something about Observation Haki) Oda’s intentions are still important. Now moving on I’ll use these panels as examples:

Panel with Luffy seeing into the future

Confirmed futuresight for reference


In this scene Luffy appears to see a future scenario in which Mihawk cuts off his arms. Although I don’t want to be that guy, in both these panels Mihawk and Katakuri (Who I think are both using future sight) have clear shading over their eyes, and those zoom lines or whatever you want to call them coming straight from them. And the structure is the same, with the activation of the user, the future scene, and then the reaction. Now you could argue that Luffy just sensed this but this is the first time I can recollect Luffy has literally seen the future before sensing danger or something. Also Luffy was not an Observation Haki user at this time, let alone a future sight user. And ontop of all this it seems weird that Oda would zoom right in on Mihawk’s eye, showing the zoom effect and then have Luffy’s future image straight after, I think it heavily implies Mihawk was the cause.


Also in this scene Mihawk states “You’re much calmer than I expected” implying that he knew EXACTLY what Luffy saw, also implying that he was trying to make Luffy panic or something. So what I’m trying to say here is that Mihawk projected his future sight onto Luffy, either to disorient him or test him or whatever.

Now another reason why this made sense to me is because of Shanks and his title. If you’ve read “Volume 4 Billion” it is stated that Shanks has another title being “Killer of Observation Haki”, and I think that it would make sense that due to their rivalry and these other things Mihawk could be something like the “Giver of Observation Haki” (there would probably be a cooler name but I’m not that creative.) And that either one of these could have possibly been developed to combat the other.

Now it may seem useless to be able to project your Observation Haki onto someone else, but hear me out here, this ability would be EXTREMELY useful if he could create a sort of false vision. For example Luffy saw himself getting his arms chopped off, yet it didn’t actually happen (Ik future sight visions can be changed in reality) but if he could do something like that to show people false attacks, or sense false movements, it would be extremely disorienting, and useful in combat, making it easier to create openings for your actual attacks.

Now touching back on the Shanks thing, I think it would make more sense that Shanks developed his Haki to combat Mihawk, finding a way to cut off his false projections, as I don’t see how it would work the other way around. I guess maybe Mihawk could develop it if maybe Shanks can only “kill” Observation your own body uses, and so he can’t kill the Observation Haki projected onto him, although I think that would make a lot less sense.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my theory, it’s probably not true, but I thought it was a cool idea!

*Theory by me1234smiley

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