The Traitor On Egghead Island, Explained




Look, I still think this chick is suspect as hell.

And I think she’s the one giving Caribou orders on how to sabotage the Labo. She may’ve spotted him lurking around after being kicked off the Sunny and recognized him as a former Baroque Works Agent. Maybe she found a way to call him?

Just in Chapter 1073, Shaka revealed that Stussy has been an undercover for the SSG for ten years. However, it was a situation that wasn’t exactly planned.

So, to me, her true loyalties remain in question. She may see it as a benefit to protect the Vegapunks at all costs. Even at the risk of blowing her cover. But is this all out of loyalty to Vegapunk, her creator? Or does she have some ulterior motive that has yet to be revealed?

In a previous post of mine, I had theorized that Stussy’s true allegiance is with the Revolutionary Army. While I didn’t know Stussy was a clone when I made that post, I still think it holds some merit.

With the Seraphim, it appears that all of Vegapunk’s clones start off as children. So, it’s possible that Stussy was recruited into Cipher Pol as a child. Most, if not all, Cipher Pol Agents are recruited as children. We saw that during Lucci’s flashback. And it was a subject touched on in Big Mom’s flashback:

Clones do appear to have their own Will. So, maybe Stussy joined the Revolutionary’s cause to bring an end to child trafficking? The World Government had stolen away her childhood and made her into their pawn.

Or maybe Stussy isn’t too bothered about children bought and sold on the Black Market and isn’t a Revolutionary at all?

For the purpose of this post, would she be an ally of Crocodile’s?

Crocodile is hellbent on tearing down the system. And has shown that by the Cross Guild issuing bounties against the Marines. Perhaps, all Stussy wants is revenge? Or she is just bored and simply wants to watch the world burn?

Regardless, I still think Stussy is making moves to execute something bigHuge. Whatever it is, it had to be something worth blowing her cover with the World Government.

Her latest move, I believe, was making a call to Big News Morgans in Chapter 1074:


During the Whole Cake Island Arc, we saw Stussy and Morgans being buddy-buddy. With Stussy sometimes giving Morgans the inside scoop into developing news. But only if it can be spun in a way that favors her objectives. Whatever those objectives are…

In this latest spin, the World Governments comes off as a bunch of evil assholes and that the Straw Hats are on the warpath. Neither party looks too good. So, definitely, Stussy is no ally to the World Government or the Straw Hats. And maybe not even Vegapunk.


F*ck a Murder Mystery. This is a Full-Blown Conspiracy Plot!

One worthy of its own Bond film, in my opinion.

Instead of asking which Vegapunk is the traitor, what if they are all “traitors”?


Look, I think Vegapunk is generally a good guy. And I think he genuinely wants to travel with the Straw Hats. However, the guy may’ve gotten caught up with some bad business. Possibly, the aforementioned diamond-racket he had been running with Crocodile that I had suggested earlier?

With Buggy in Chapter 1058, we saw that Crocodile is something of a predatory businessman:

Because Buggy defaulted on his loan, he’s essentially become Crocodile and Mihawk’s slave. Crocodile wasn’t going to let Buggy escape Emptee Bluffs while he owed him money. And I doubt Crocodile would let his diamond-producer and future weapons manufacturer escape either.

Really, the Vegapunks are currently caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side, they have the World Government out to assassinate them. On the other, they got a notorious pirate right on their ass.

However, the Straw Hats may be giving the Vegapunks the very narrow out that they need. So, why would they try to sabotage their own rescue?

Well…maybe all 7 Vegapunks don’t want to be saved?

Lilith (Evil) and Edison (Thinker) are the sketchiest ones. With Lilith being all about the money to fund research. And Edison being named after Thomas Edison, famous inventor but ruthless businessman. They may see it as a benefit to side with the Cross Guild over the Straw Hats. Therefore, they are looking to betray them.

Same could be speculated about York (Greed). And maybe even Atlas (Violence) and Pythagoras (Wisdom). All fairly negative traits. Wisdom, depending how you look at it.

Shaka (Good), I believe, is neutral. He might be hoping for the best. That, they all escape from Egghead with the Straw Hats. But expects the worst. Where the escape fails. And maybe a few of Satellites get caught in the crossfire.

Then, there’s the main Vegapunk, Stella. Who, I believe, is completely oblivious to whatever fuckery his 6 Satellites have been up to. But he knows how he’s at fault.

The whole diamond-racket thing, that was all his idea. He probably met Crocodile as a Warlord in Marie Jois or something like that. Then, struck a backroom deal with him to sell diamonds on the Black Market. But as far as the sabotage of his lab and imprisonment of Cipher Pol Agents, that might be all on his Satellites. And they are now just roping him into their grand plan.

Traveling on a ship with the Straw Hats, they won’t have the money or space to continue working on research. The whole purpose for their existence. But if Crocodile had proposed a deal sometime in the past to supply main-Vegapunk with all the money he needs, along with a new lab, that might be something the 6 Satellites remember. And is something they might want. Even if main-Vegapunk had originally declined. I’m thinking this could have taken place while Crocodile had his plans set in motion for takeover of Alabasta.

With Vegapunk’s whole arrangement with the World Government going up in smoke in the moment, the 6 Satellites might be going right for Crocodile’s deal. And may’ve even been the ones to set Stella-Vegapunk up.

Based on what Stella-Vegapunk said in Chapter 1076, it seems that the reason why the World Government turned on him was because it got leaked that he was researching the poneglyphs:

What if Crocodile found out about Pluton through Vegapunk’s research? If not from Vegapunk himself, then maybe through one of his 6 Satellites?

One or a couple of Satellites are playing into Vegapunk’s more conniving nature. Where the research must continue. No matter the cost.

And maybe Stussy did not just snitch out the World Government to Morgans. But Vegapunk to the World Government, too.

I sense a perfect storm brewing in Egghead. With not just one or two betrayals. But several.

All because Vegapunk has a tendency to make shady business deals with not-so-great people.

Hey! Bonus Thought:

If Crocodile has been in cahoots with Vegapunk, maybe he’s in possession of the S-Croc Seraphim? Maybe Vegapunk reported him as a failure because he couldn’t replicate Crocodile’s sand-logia powers. So, now Crocodile has his own mini-me like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. An imperfect clone. But something he’s grown to love. Dumb thought, sure. But I think it would be funny.


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all the major players from the Alabasta Arc are suddenly becoming relevant again. We just got an update on Vivi in Chapter 1074. So, she might get roped into this conspiracy going on in Egghead thanks to her current connection with Morgans. She might just pick on it first that it’s Crocodile up to no good yet again. And might try to find a way to warn Luffy, now knowing where he is and what is going on.

Regardless, we should be getting some updates on what other things the Cross Guild has cooking other than the Marine bounties. And I’m about 99.9% sure Crocodile has his eyes set on Vegapunk. So, he might be behind all the screwy stuff that has been going down on Egghead. If not, he plans on getting his hand on that genius one way or another. Make him a useful slave just like Buggy.

Then next, is to take over the world. Muahahahaha!

Thinking of Vegapunk, he might be a perfect example of a dumb smart person. When it comes to math and science, he will always be the smartest person in the room. But when it comes to business, he’s still liable for getting scammed. Understanding people may not be his strong suit. Rather, it is his weak point. And it might just be a weak point that a guy like Crocodile would be happy to exploit.


Massive conspiracy plot being orchestrated on Egghead Island by none other than the Cross Guild/Crocodile. Beginning with Crocodile & Vegapunk making a deal many moons ago to sell diamonds on the Black Market. Vegapunk got extra money for his research. Crocodile just got richer. But ultimately, Crocodile wants to steal Vegapunk for himself to create weapons of mass destruction. To rival the World Government. And he’s orchestrating this kidnap/sabotage plot with Caribou, Stussy, and the 6 Vegapunk Satellites.

I think there is something brewing in Egghead worthy of its own Bond film. Making Crocodile a true Bond Villain.

That’s all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed! And thanks for tuning in!

*Theory by QueenFlowers91

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