There’s a Reason Why Luffy’s Dream Hasn’t Been Revealed Yet


Now compare that with this scene from 966, Roger talking to Whitebeard and Oden:


Note the similarity in the style of the panels, and Whitebeard’s comparison to what a child might say!

We can guess with good reason that Roger did not say he’ll be the Pirate King, because of how he reacted when he was later called that by the papers.

Therefore, if the similarity of the two scenes is deliberate, and the exact same words have been said, Luffy also did not say he wanted to be the Pirate King, but something else. One could argue it’s the usual “most free man in the world”, however we’ve already heard it twice, why hide it? There’s something else here, which makes Luffy an even more interesting character than he already is.


Luffy has an objective that hasn’t been revealed yet and it was Roger’s dream as well.
What if Luffy dreams to achieve the One Piece without even knowing that it’s the One Piece? This is why Oda isn’t telling us, it’s not time for this information, it’s too early.


At this point we’ve all seen the speculation on what Luffy’s dream could be. The prevailing theories seem to be:

  1. Luffy wants to throw a party for the entire world.
  2. Luffy wants to bring together the pirates and marines.
  3. Luffy wants world peace.

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