This is how Vegapunk was able to create monstrously lethal beings!


With Chapter 1059 we were introduced to the Seraphims, the Warlord replacements that Fujitora mentioned during the Reverie Arc. They seem to be clones of the Warlods mixed with DNA from a Lunarians.


We know that King was tested on because of his and Kaido’s flashback which means that the World Government and Vegapunk had his DNA and analyzed it. So the Lunarian DNA most likely is King’s.

The clones in last chapter were of Mihawk (he has the same eyes and has a similar sword) and Boa Hancock (directly mentioned).


These clones are the successors to the Kuma Pacifistas but are much more advanced. It probably took a lot of research to get to this point so how did Vegapunk do it? MADS! MADS was an illegal scientific research team that was active at least over 24 years ago. It was a collaborative effort between Queen the Plague, Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge and Vegapunk.


Caesar specialized in SMILEs, Gigantification and Gas Weapons;

Queen focused on making weapons and cybornetic/genetic modifications;

Judge focused on cloning, genetic modifications and the lineage factor.

During MADS, Vegapunk had access to all their research (and vice versa) and in this chapter we see how he produced beings that seem to be much stronger than the Vinsmoke kids.

Vegapunk has been shown to be the greatest Scientist in the world so working with other great scientists he could use their research with his own and create something even better.

I stated that these Seraphims are better than the Vinsmoke clones. Why? Because Judge used human DNA to make the base body of his children but Vegapunk used Lunarian DNA instead. Based off King’s Lunarian powers and abilities the Lunarian are definitely one of strongest (if not the strongest) races. And on top of that he uses the genetic potential of the Warlords to make clones that are something beyond superman. Adding also the use of cyborg weapons. If Vegapunk perfected his devil fruit cloning he could also give them the power of the person they’re cloned from possibly making the clone stronger than the original!

The introduction of the Seraphims also open up several points of discussion:

-Does Vegapunk have the DNA of all the Warlods so far? Does he have Law’s or Blackbeard’s DNA?

-Germa clone soldiers grow at roughly four times the rate of a normal person, gaining the bodies of 20-year-olds in only five years. The clones seem to be around 8-10 years old. Does this aging apply to Seraphim? Was Vegapunk incubating them during the time skip (2 years = 8 years)?

-Kaido was experimented on. How strong would a Kaido clone be with Oni and Lunarian DNA mixed together, cybernetic modifications plus a devil fruit we know Vegapunk can make?

-Can these clones use Haki? If the can would they be able to use Conqueror’s Haki even though they don’t look like they have free will?

-Does the World Government have the DNA of people like Roger, Whitebeard, Rocks? Whitebeard’s blood was splattered everywhere during the War and so was Ace’s. And Roger was in their custody before his execution.

-Ace could come back as a clone. This could make for a great story arc for Luffy (maybe the clone regains its will?).

-What if Judge tried to use Lunarian DNA with his kids but it only worked on Sanji? If Vegapunk worked with Judge, it’s possible Judge had some of the Lunarian research. Will Sanji and/or the Vinsmokes have a Lunarian form they can activate?

*by Oath2Oblivion

Last Chapter suggests that Blackbeard has a very powerful Haki!

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