Two Strong Vice Admirals Introduced in Chapter 907


So in chapter 907, the vice admirals Gion and Tokikake have finally made their manga debut, seen alongside Garp at the Red Port during the Reverie.


For those unaware, Gion (Momousagi) and Tokikake (Chaton) were both initially introduced in an SBS, Gion in volume 74, and Tokikake in volume 75.

They both made a brief non-canon appearance in Film Gold.


According to Oda in the SBS, the both of them were candidates for the promotion to admiral during the timeskip, but they were ultimately not selected. They both already have an admiral-style alias, and both are based off of Japanese actors (Michiyo Kogure and Kiyoshi Atsumi).


Despite Fujitora and Ryokugyu ultimately getting the promotions, I think the fact that Gion and Tokikake were even candidates for the promotion is a significant accomplishment. Outside of Garp and Tsuru, I can’t name any other marines that could’ve been considered a candidate for the promotion.

Due to the somewhat large gap between the admirals and the vice admirals, I have to admit that it is pretty refreshing to be reassured that there are strong vice admirals in the marines, with these two even worthy of being admiral candidates.

I realize that because Fujitora and Ryokugyu were chosen instead, it meant that they were more suitable for the roles. However, that shouldn’t discredit the abilities of these two vice admirals, who were good enough to even be considered for the promotion. It’s likely that Sakazuki approved of them himself, since the admiral rank is one rank directly below him. And we all know how much he values strength and power.

Do you think they have Devil Fruit powers? Or just pure physical strength and Haki?

I noticed that Gion wields a sword, a named sword on top of that. Could she be a possible future opponent for Zoro?

*Theory by deeefoo

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