Vegapunk’s Special Science Group to replace Shichibukai


As revealed in chapter 957, the Marine science unit are working on a project known as The Special Science Group – SSG that is intended to replace the Shichibukai system as part of the Three Great Powers.


The project is obviously led by Vegapunk of the Marines’ science unit. Both Fujitora and Brannew hope that the project will come out a success to aid the Marines against the pirates.

This leads us to a few questions to discuss:

-What are the members of this new group leaded by Dr. Vegapunk?


-What kind of military force is SSG?

1- A weapon that is yielded by normal people (improved battleships, seastone bullet machineguns, etc.)?

2- Improved battle robots like Pacifista 2.0?

3- A group of special fighters enhanced either in genetic manipulation or fighting suits?

4- Biological or chemical warfare?

-When the Marines will execute the new system by SSG? To capture Shichibukai right now?

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