Vivi’s True Lineage & Gorosei’s Secret Revealed! – Chapter 1085 Spoilers


Chapter 1085 – “Death of Nefertari Cobra”

– Queen Lily’s real name is “Nefertari D Lily”


– We see Imu attack Cobra and Sabo with a black/shadowy arrow

– In addition we see Imu discover that Wapol is spying on them but Wapol runs away

– Vivi was captured by CP0 and Wapol appears in the room where CP0 and Vivi are.

– Nefertari Cobra asks sabo to tell both Luffy and Vivi that “we are from the D Family”.


Additional info:

  • Cobra knows the “Imu” name. And it seems that he/she might be one of the 20 founding leaders of the World Government. He couldn’t finish his speech completely and was killed by Imu.
  • It looks like Gorosei have devil fruit powers. After Sabo attacked the Gorosei, huge monster-like shadows appeared behind them and all shadows are different from each other. Imu may also have some devil fruit powers according to the panels we see.

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