What If The Straw Hats Were Members of Other Pirate Crews


Since it’s a Food Related Crew Sanji would be receiving Food Related Devil Fruit. Now Oven’s and Streussen’s Fruits are good picks but, besides both being taken, Sanji is already a great cook and has fire powers so these two are redundant. I searched far and wide for a fitting Devil Fruit for Sanji and finally I found it! Sanji would have eaten the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Shamo Chicken. What are Shamo Chickens you ask? Oh they are nothing just a bunch of chickens used for COCKFIGHTING!


Coincidentally, Shamo Chickens are the main inspiration for the Pokemon Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting Type. You might see where I am going with this.

Sanji would be covering himself in flames and has the same appearance to Marco in his Phoenix Hybrid form.


What does this have anything to do with Food? Because Sanji would be KFCKuroashi Fried Chicken!


Now, Chopper would fit right in with the aesthetic of the Beasts Pirates as he is a Zoan user and pretty good one at that but for the sake of not overlapping the crewmembers, and because I think there is a better choice, he wouldn’t be joining Kaido but rather Law and his Heart Pirates.


Chopper just doesn’t fit the overly competitive nature of the Beasts Pirates. With Heart Pirates and Law he fits right in. They are both highly skilled Doctors who can learn a lot from each other. Chopper would be a perfect assistant during operations as he is very skilled with D R U G S and Medicine and he would be a nice boost in fire power.

His dynamic with Law is also at full display on Punk Hazard both with comedy and with doctor skill. It’s not only hilarious to see them team up and see Law carry Chopper around on his sword and head but the two of them operating on the Giant children to save them is an underrated moment in my opinion that also highlights their doctor dynamic.

He would also nicely fit with Bepo as he looks a lot like a mink. Plus, imagine all the jokes between Bepo and Chopper having such low bounties and being considered “Pets” of their crew as well as Bepo being jealous of how close Chopper is to Law due to his knowledge of Medicine, hilarious.

7-Nico Robin

Since Robin used to be part of Baroque Works I was going to say she would be part of them but since they don’t count as a Pirate Crew I chose Crocodile’s New World counterpart, Doflamingo and his Donquixote Pirates. Doflamingo is essentially the better version of Crocodile and since Robin used to work for him I’d imagine she would fit right in with Doflamingo. He is also an underground broker by the codename of Joker and he does a lot of shady underground business much like Crocodile did in Paradise portion of the Grand Line and Robin would be the perfect enforcer for him.

Not only that, but Doflamingo seems to know a lot of secrets that World Government and Celestial Dragon are hiding that Robin wants to learn about. He is also one of the few people capable of keeping Robin safe in such a dangerous part of the Sea as he is not only a strong Pirate but also has the backing of the Yonko Kaido behind him.

Her Devil Fruit powers also fit in the Crews dynamic of having very “out there” Paramecia Devil Fruits such as Art Art and Toy Toy Fruits. As for her position in the crew she could easily fill the missing seat of “Heart” by becoming the new Corazon since the previous 3 (Vergo, Corazon and Law) abandoned it, but I also think it’s possible she would be working under Trebol in his Army since it’s comprised of people who require special powers for their missions. Either way, she would fit right into the crew.


Franky would be joining the Fire Tank Pirates led by one of the Supernovas Capone Bege. They are based on an Italian Mafia/Gang and Franky was once a Leader of a Gang so he would fit perfectly.

Not only that but their ship aesthetic is very similar to Franky’s and they are quite few things Franky could do to improve not only the ship but also the weapons they use as he is a Shipwright and Inventor after all. Like Gotti’s Cyborg arm, Vito’s Pistols and he can even improve the weapons used by the fodder inside Bege’s Castle. Bege’s fruit basically makes him a Cyborg so I can see Franky wanting to tinker with it and add weapons like his lasers to it. I think Franky is worth way more than Vito and Gotti so he would be perfect Vice-Captain and an enforcer to Capone Bege.


Brook actually was a member of another crew before joining the Straw Hats, The Rumbar Pirates. But, since that would be a boring answer, and since they are dead, I would like to be more creative with Brook’s Pirate Crew. So, Just like Franky, Brook would be a part of another Supernova’s Crew and that being Apoo and On Air Pirates.

What is there to be said? Brook spent his 2 years with Long Arm Tribesmen and Apoo is a member of that tribe. He also ate a music style Devil Fruit, Oto Oto no Mi, which lets him turn his body in different musical instruments and Brook, being a musician would fit right in as his entire crew is music based. Since Apoo lacks any memorable crewmembers Brook would definitely be his Vice-Captain.


Jinbe would obviously be under the Sun Pirates because he already was a part of them and he later was their Captain. Other than that he was also under Whitebeard Pirates, so either one would suffice, nothing much to add here.

What do you think about these picks? Do you like them? Do you agree they fit or do you think there are better choices for them?

*by The_Biggest_Wheel

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