Which Ability Zoro and Sanji need to get closer to Luffy’s Combat Level?


Luffy is such a unique and versatile fighter. It’s like there’s no combat where he is weak, in despite of the time limit of his Gear Fourth.


  • He’s increndible fast.
  • Has incredible durability/endurance
  • Has all three types of Haki and honestly, altough Sanji/Zoro are specialised in their respective area, I don’t see them being better than Luffy post Whole Cake Island
  • By taking advantage of the unique physical abilities granted by his Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit, Luffy has invented techniques that augment his speed and strength in different ways. He refers to these techniques as Gears.



  • He’s super fast
  • Has really strong Observation Haki
  • He can fight on land, water and in the sky.

With Sanji I think he definetly needs attack power. His kicks are really strong, to a point where Doflamingo acknowledged his strength. He send Oven flying and managed to knock Vergo against the wall multiple times, however his kicks do not finish his opponents and I hope the raid suit gives him that.



Actually he’s the opposite of Sanji.

  • He’s increndible strong, physically he’s a beast.
  • Endurance, stamina and durability is something Zoro definetly does not lack in.
  • His sword attacks are deadly because of his strong Armament Haki and the force those attack create.

However Zoro needs to increase his mobility. I feel like he’s not fast enough plus I want him to develop a technique where he also can fight in the sky or move faster. I didn’t like that he needed Orlumbus help in order to make his way to Pica.

What do you think?

*Theory by Rob-Lucci

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