Who Will Be The 11th Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates


Remember Vivi and Carue?

Well, they are very significant as they foreshadowed two crewmembers. Chopper and Robin. Basically, Carue and Vivi were the ones that foreshadowed that an animal and a female will join the crew, since they joined the crew temporarily. The animal being Chopper and the female being Robin. My point is that allies might be hinting at crewmembers. Okay we’re done with that…cut to the New World…

There’s a trend going on! Excluding Kanjuro and Law, whenever a pair of characters joins the Straw Hats as allies, one of them is old and wise, and the other is more naive and young. You know like, Kinemon and Momo, and Pedro and Carrot. With this trend, I believe there will be 2 new crewmembers, with one being old and wise and the other being young and a bit naive…

Could it be that since Jinbei joined and since he is old and wise, that the 11th member will be naive and young? Yes, this might be true, because if Oda does these little subliminal messages or whatever you call it (patterns etc), then it must be hinting at something and since he did it twice in the New World with allies, i might be correct.

Now the question is, who is this naive and young person going to be? It can’t be Momonosuke or Carrot because they are allies whos purpose is to foreshadow this naive and young character, just like how Vivi and Carue foreshadowed Chopper and Robin. That is why they are side characters…


As many of you know by now, i believe Pudding still has a shot at 11th member. One question you got to ask yourself when it comes to a main character in general is, is this character dynamic? A dynamic character is a character that changes drastically in a story. Pudding is one of those characters. So to all you hating fans the reason behind Pudding’s crazy change in character is that Oda decided to make her dynamic which actually makes a character better and interesting.

The opposite of a dynamic character is a static character, a character that doesn’t change in the story. That is why we have background/unimportant characters. Carrot is a good example of a static character.

I know that you can disagree with this; this is just some info that a lot of people do not think about when it comes to the next crewmember: also Pudding is still a candidate.

*Theory by Icecream001

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