Who’s the mysterious character that appears in the cover story of Chapter 1070?


Recent One Piece chapters featured a side story called “Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion” which revealed how the Vinsmoke brothers managed to escape Whole Cake Island. The latest installment of this story titled “Promising scientists, brought together for the sake of mankind and the world” contains a shocking revelation about MADS, an illegal research team that operated in the past.


First of all, what an amazing cover page this is.

  • Exchange their weapons for instruments and they’re a band. “Skipping Leg Day for Science”?
  • Queen looking like he’d be too popular. Just look at that hairline. We might get to know his real name soon-ish!
  • Caesar, well, what can I say? Edna from The Incredibles has a brother with horns I guess.
  • Vegapunk without his tongue out and no beard yet! Why does he have a band-aid? How does this outfit work so well?
  • Judge, my man. I’m glad your kids took after Sora.
  • Mysterious woman, this post’s about you.

Alright, let’s talk about the main event: The mysterious woman. Who could she be? I’ll list what I’ve seen being speculated and offer my thoughts.

  • Stussy
    • The looks are there (especially the stockings), I agree. Her being sensitive about her true age is another thing working in favour of this theory. She’s also looking into a different direction, which could point to her being a traitor.
    • People also argued that this might be why she knew about Egghead. I gotta disagree on that though. Egghead isn’t a thing at this point in time and it won’t be for a while. Judge also didn’t react upon seeing her in Whole Cake Island. Her knowledge about Egghead can also be easily explained by Egghead being a World Government island, meaning some CP(0) agents must’ve been there while it started or visited from time to time. Lucci talking about the ships that were destroyed also points to CP regulary visiting Egghead, so maybe that was her job for a while. Stussy is also a bigshot in the criminal underworld, so that’d give her information about MADS among other things regarding Vegapunk as well.
    • Furthermore, I don’t think Oda would’ve shown us her back if it was her – that’d be a little weird. Thena gain, Oda sometimes likes the obvious answer to be the right one. Also, if Stussy switched sides or started being CP0’s main act for the reaminder of Egghead, this would work well.
  • Kureha
    • Candidate for best doctor, so that’d work. Showing her from behind because she was about 100 years old and didn’t want her picture taken could also work. This could lead to theories regarding Chopper’s devil fruit and why Blackbeard visited Drum Kingdom. I don’t think it’s as likely though since this wouldn’t really be such a shocking reveal that needed to be hidden for now.
  • Bakkin (Weevil’s Mom)
    • Weevil does kinda look like a Whitebeard Seraphim gone wrong, the scar also points to a surgeon’s attempt at creating Frankenstein’s monster. This would tie Weevil and her into the story nicely, so I wouldn’t mind this.
  • Luffy’s Mom
    • I guess? Could tie her into the story and explain how she got to know Dragon via Vegapunk.
  • Sora (Sanji’s Mom)
    • Sora presumably created the andidote that removed all negative side effects of Judge’s modifications on Sanji without really affecting the positives – it only took longer for them to kick in. That might point to her being the actual ultimate doctor during that time.
    • She resembles Stussy (might be related, blue eyes and blonde, similar facial features but that might just be Oda’s Namiface#0473, same blood type as well), so anything in favour of Stussy regarding the apperance works for Sora as well.
    • She’s next to Judge, her future husband.

*by Jail_Chris_Brown

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