10 Darkest Moments in ONE PIECE


“One Piece” is a long-running manga and anime series known for its diverse range of emotional and intense moments. Determining the “darkest” moments in the series can be subjective, but here are ten scenes that are often considered among the darkest or most emotionally impactful in “One Piece.”



In the Baratie Arc, Sanji and Zeff, trapped on a rocky island, faced a life-or-death situation. Struggling to survive with limited food, Zeff gave all the food to the boy, lying that his treasure-bag held his own portion. They then split into two camps on opposite sides of the island to watch for potential rescue; once alone, Zeff severed his right leg with a jagged rock and used it as food.
In turn, Sanji vowed to become a great chef and repay Zeff’s sacrifice. This dark moment of self-mutilation and cannibalism revealed their profound bond and shaped Sanji’s character, explaining his dedication to cooking and honor, making it a significant part of their backstories.


In a chilling scene in “One Piece”, Lord Kozuki Oden, a noble and beloved character, was sentenced to a gruesome execution. He was placed in a massive pot of boiling oil in the Flower Capital of Wano. As he endured the excruciating pain, Oden displayed incredible resilience and strength, enduring for an extended period, all while holding his retainers above the boiling pot to save their lives. This dark and tragic moment showcased Oden’s unwavering dedication to his people and his willingness to endure the unimaginable to protect them. It remains one of the most emotionally impactful and disturbing scenes in the series.



During the Marineford War, Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s beloved brother, met a devastating end. As he defended Luffy from Admiral Akainu, Ace was mortally wounded when Akainu’s magma-based attack pierced his chest. His death was shocking and deeply emotional. The scene highlighted the consequences of the dangerous world they lived in and the sacrifices made for family. Ace’s demise had a profound impact on Luffy and his crew, leaving a lasting scar on the series and serving as a reminder of the perils and darkness that permeate the “One Piece” universe.



In a haunting flashback during the Whole Cake Island Arc, the young Charlotte Linlin, who would later become Big Mom, loses control of her hunger pangs. She inadvertently consumes the Semla (a sweet treat) made by her friends and adoptive mother, Carmel. In a shocking and dark turn of events, Linlin’s insatiable hunger leads her to eat her friends and Carmel. This scene reveals the disturbing depths of Linlin’s power and foreshadows her transformation into one of the series’ formidable villains. It remains a grim reminder of the consequences of her uncontrollable appetite and immense strength.


On Punk Hazard Island, the deranged scientist Caesar Clown conducted horrific experiments. He kidnapped children and subjected them to cruel experimentation to transform them into artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit users, known as “Smile” users. These children suffered immensely as they were forcibly altered into half-human, half-animal creatures. The scene is profoundly dark as it showcases the depths of cruelty in the pursuit of power and scientific advancement. It highlights the moral ambiguity of the “One Piece” world, where ruthless individuals like Caesar Clown exploit the vulnerable for their own sinister goals, leaving a haunting reminder of the darker aspects of the series’ universe.


In a harrowing and dark moment in “One Piece,” the World Government ordered a Buster Call on the island of Ohara. This catastrophic event resulted in the complete destruction of the island and the loss of countless innocent lives. The reason behind the merciless attack was the island’s pursuit of knowledge about the Void Century, a closely guarded secret. The Buster Call on Ohara serves as a grim reminder of the World Government’s ruthless pursuit of control, censorship, and the lengths it will go to keep its secrets hidden. It also profoundly impacted Nico Robin, the sole survivor, shaping her character and motivations.


In a heart-wrenching and brutal scene during the Marineford War, the mighty Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, met his tragic end. Surrounded by numerous powerful enemies, he endured a relentless assault. Whitebeard’s body was pierced by multiple wounds, yet he stood tall, displaying incredible resilience. Ultimately, he succumbed to his injuries after being betrayed by one of his allies, Blackbeard. Whitebeard’s death marked the loss of a legendary figure and symbolized the end of an era. This dark scene showcased his unwavering determination and sacrifice for the sake of his “sons,” leaving an indelible mark on the series and its fans.


Sanji’s past, revealed in the Whole Cake Island Arc of “One Piece,” is a dark and tragic tale. Born into the abusive Vinsmoke family, Sanji suffered physical and emotional torment at their hands. He was disowned and ostracized for his dreams of becoming a chef. This harsh upbringing and his time as a servant on the Germa 66’s floating fortress are deeply disturbing. Sanji’s past is marked by pain, isolation, and the desperate longing for freedom, which eventually led him to join the Straw Hat Pirates. It underscores the resilience of his character and adds depth to his strong sense of chivalry and honor.


In a poignant and selfless act ” Bartholomew Kuma displayed an astonishing sacrifice. He allowed the World Government to transform him into a mindless, obedient cyborg, known as a Pacifista, in exchange for curing Bonney of the deadly Sapphire Scales disease. This act effectively erased Kuma’s own identity and free will, sacrificing his personal autonomy for the sake of his adoptive daughter. Kuma’s selflessness and the tragic loss of his former self highlighted the lengths some characters go to protect those they care about, leaving a lasting impact on the series and its fans.


In Brook’s haunting backstory in “One Piece,” he recounts the tragic fate of his former crew, the Rumbar Pirates. While sailing through the Florian Triangle, their ship was ensnared by the ghostly powers of the Thriller Bark. One by one, Brook watched his crewmates die, and he was left as a lonely, living skeleton due to the powers of the Revive-Revive Fruit. Brook’s desolation and the loss of his friends and their music is a dark and sorrowful tale. His decades of solitude on Thriller Bark added a layer of melancholy to his character and made his eventual reunion with the Straw Hat Pirates all the more heartwarming.

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