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  • 10 Strongest Characters in One Piece – Excluding Admirals and Yonko

    10-MARCO THE PHOENIX Marco the Phoenix is one of the strongest characters in the entire One Piece series, as he demonstrated in the war that he was on a similar level of fighting as the three admirals and even Whitebeard himself.Marco the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit which allows […] More

  • All Characters who have been in more than 1 Pirate Crew

    NICO ROBIN Nico Robin joined her first pirate crew at age 8. However, after the World Government caught up with her new crew, they assumed she had betrayed them. She fled before the pirates turned their anger against her.She was first introduced as the vice president of Baroque Works and secondary antagonist of the Alabasta […] More

  • TOP 5 Longest Fights In One Piece

    Some amazing fights in One Piece were surprisingly short and some other fights have lasted for many days.Here’s the list of the 5 Longest Fights that happened in One Piece. 5 – Gecko Moria vs Kaido – 3 DAYS The Gecko Pirates clashed with the Beasts Pirates in the Ringo region of Wano, during which […] More

  • TOP 10 Characters Who Have Higher Bounties Than Luffy

    10-Silvers Rayleigh Silvers Rayleigh is the former first mate of the Roger Pirates, known as the “Right Hand of the Pirate King”. Rayleigh knows the “True History” of the world from his time with Roger.He is extremely powerful, easily one of the strongest characters introduced.Rayleigh is an enemy of the World Government. He is one […] More

  • Top 10 Weakest Devil Fruits In One Piece

    #10-Miss Valentine’s Kilo Kilo no Mi The Kilo Kilo no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to change their weight from 1 to 10,000 kilograms without, in any way, affecting the overall size of their bodies. #9-Hina’s Ori Ori no Mi The Ori Ori no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit […] More

  • Strongest Rookies of Previous Generation Ranked by Their Strength

    10 – DONQUIXOTE DOFLAMINGO Donquixote Doflamingo is the captain of the Donquixote Pirates, a former Shichibukai, the most influential underworld broker under the codename “Joker”, and is a former World Noble of the Donquixote Family descent. He is 41 years old.Doflamingo ate the Ito Ito no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which grants him the […] More

  • Top 10 Conqueror’s Haki Moments in One Piece

    Haoshoku Haki(Conqueror’s Haki) is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training. Only one in several million people have this ability. This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage of it shown in the series so far is using it to […] More

  • 10 Characters That Could Die In Wano Arc

    10-Gecko Moria Recently, Moria raided one of the Blackbeard Pirates’ islands to confront Blackbeard and look for the missing Absalom. However, he discovered that Absalom has been killed and Shiryu has taken his Devil Fruit power. Blackbeard invited Moria to join him.Will Moria accept or decline Blackbeard’s invitation to sail under his flag? 9-Edward Weevil […] More

  • Top 10 Off-Screen Fights In One Piece

    It’s a recurring theme that some fights happen off screen. Sometimes this happens to prevent us, the viewer, from knowing a certain character strength (that we will get to know later on), while other times it serves no other propose than to move foward with the story. Here’s my Top 10 Off-Screen Fights In One […] More

  • Top 10 Strongest Characters from East Blue – Ranked

    The East Blue is commonly known as the weakest of all the seas. Pirates who are considered great and threatening in this sea are regarded as low rate compared to pirates from the other seas and especially in the Grand Line. Ironically, despite its poor fame, the East Blue was the birthplace of the most […] More

  • Top 10 Highest Bounties In One Piece

    In One Piece the amount of a bounty is determined in response to the perceived threat level of the criminal in question; the greater the threat to the world, the greater the bounty. In the eyes of a pirate, high bounties are thus usually seen as a sign of strength. After all, having been assigned […] More

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