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  • TOP One Piece Villains – Ranked from Least Evil to Most Evil

    This is a list of villains (major antagonists only) what I consider least evil to most evil. They must be a main antagonist of an arc to be considered. They are determined by the cruelty of their behavior, as well as redeemable qualities (if any). 27-MAGELLAN Just doing his job 26-BUGGY He’s a typical pirate. […] More

  • Top 10 Strongest Characters from South Blue

    VASCO SHOT Vasco Shot, known as the “Heavy Drinker”, was one of the legendary criminals who was given a life sentence in Level 6 of Impel Down. He was freed by Marshall D. Teach and is currently a member of his crew.He is currently one of the Ten Titanic Captains, and the captain of the […] More

  • Top 10 Strongest Characters from East Blue – Ranked

    The East Blue is commonly known as the weakest of all the seas. Pirates who are considered great and threatening in this sea are regarded as low rate compared to pirates from the other seas and especially in the Grand Line. Ironically, despite its poor fame, the East Blue was the birthplace of the most […] More

  • All 10 Devil Fruit Users of the Blackbeard Pirates Crew

    It’s no secret that the Blackbeard Pirates are on a mission to gather devil fruits, thus why Burgess was even on Dressrosa in the first place – in order to gain the Mera Mera no Mi. Blackbeard himself has shown knowledge of how to steal a devil fruit when he did the unthinkable and murdered […] More

  • Top 10 Best Swordsmen Ever in One Piece

    10- ASHURA DOJI In combat terms, Ashura Doji is extremely powerful, as he was once feared as the most dangerous out of all villains that frequented Kuri in its era of chaos until he was defeated by Oden. In the present, Ashura claims that he has gotten stronger in the last 20 years. Even Kaido, […] More

  • TOP 20 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in One Piece

    #20-How did Big Mom get the devil fruit power of Mother Carmel? What’s the secret behind Kaido’s immortality? What’s the lifetime debt that Kaido owe to Big Mom? #19-Who is Vegapunk? What is SSG? Dr. Vegapunk is the leading scientist in the employment of the Marines. His work includes discovering the secrets and uses of […] More

  • TOP 10 Most Anticipated Fights in One Piece

    ZORO VS FUJITORA: This fight was anticipated in Dressrosa, where Zoro and Issho clashed. Zoro defeating Fujitora in a duel would be a remarkable feat to add to his resume. SANJI VS KIZARU: Sanji vs. Kizaru is a pretty expected fight by fans. Both use kick attacks, Sanji exclusively uses them while Kizaru’s strongest attacks […] More

  • 10 One Piece Characters Who Can Defeat An Admiral

    #10 – LUCKY ROO Lucky Roo is one of Yonko Shanks’ most important men. He’s the first person to kill someone both in the anime and the manga, by shooting a mountain bandit in the head at point blank range.During Romance Dawn, we see one of Higuma’s men pointing a gun at Shanks’ head, then […] More

  • Top 10 Strongest Kick Fighters in One Piece

    10- KALIFA Kalifa is a former member of CP9.Kalifa has a high degree of superhuman strength. She employs a kick-based fighting style when not using Rokushiki or Awa Awa no Mi techniques. She possesses formidable leg strength. She could produced a cutting shockwave powerful enough to cut stone walls while using Rankyaku. She could even […] More

  • Top 10 Most Emotional Deaths in One Piece

    10- QUEEN OTOHIME Queen Otohime was a goldfish mermaid, the queen of the Ryugu Kingdom, the wife of King Neptune and the mother of Shirahoshi.Eight years before the start of the series, she was assassinated by Hody Jones. All she wanted was to coexist with humans but racial hatred saw to her death.Otohime continued to […] More

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