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  • Whitebeard not taking revenge for Oden’s Death makes totally sense!

    Chapter 999 revealed that the Whitebeard Pirates found out about Oden’s death several years after it happened. They talked about going to war with Kaido, but Whitebeard never approved as they feared the loss of innocent life. Everyone complaining about Whitebeard’s motivations is so strange to me. Whitebeard has already been proven to not be […] More

  • Enel’s New Powers and Awakening

    Today I will be dissecting the Goro Goro no Mi as wielded by Eneru. I will be looking at how the fruit boosts Observation Haki, and a potential Awakening for the already overpowered Logia… But first basic rundown of what we know the fruit is capable of…. The Goro Goro no Mi has all the […] More

  • Impressive Foreshadowings in One Piece

    First, Foreshadowing is about how certain details that seem irrelevant at first are actually important to future plots/arcs. Let me list some of the actual impressive foreshadowing in the series. • Haki This powerful technique was named and explained late in the series, somewhere in Marineford but is actually been foreshadowed in the very first […] More

  • The Current Strongest Crew in the whole Series!

    The Red Hair Pirates are the first pirate crew to appear in the manga series and second to appear (next to the Alvida Pirates) in the animated series One Piece. They are the main influences of both Luffy’s (Shanks inspired Luffy) and Usopp’s (wants to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father […] More

  • 3D Visualisation of Onigashima’s Interior

    One line in Chapter 1012 stuck out to me as needing some follow up: Why would the second floor of the treasure repository connect to the third floor of the castle? The shots inside this connecting hallway have no obvious slant or stairs, so the two floors are probably level with each other. So I […] More

  • Warlords Active Bounties after Shichibukai Abolition

    The Shichibukai was a group of seven powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government. As a group, they were one of the Three Great Powers that kept the world in balance. Due to their alliance with the World Government, every member’s bounty was frozen and they had significantly more leeway to commit crimes. […] More

  • The Return of Joy Boy and the 3 Ancient Weapons

    In this theory I am going to talk about Joy Boy and the Ancient Weapons. Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about Joy Boy and the Ancient Weapon who exist during the Void Century I am talking about the new Joy Boy and the new Ancient Weapons who are part of the current […] More

  • Is Aokiji related by blood to Brook?

    Does anyone else think Kuzan and Brook are somehow related? The similar facial and body structure is my premise. And to solidify my theory here is the childhood photos. They both wear glasses with inverse colors. More interestingly, Kuzan didn’t start drinking until he was taught by Zephyr and yet in his childhood picture, he […] More

  • Eustass Kid is the Son of a Former Member of the Rocks Pirates

    Eustass Kid is based on real life Pirate William Kidd also known as ‘Captain Kid’. Similarities between them include: -Their Name and Epithet; -Their Sociopathic Mind; -Their Methods of Torture, etc.. But William Kidd also had a famous pirate as a father. A pirate named ‘Captain John Kidd’. There is a captain John in One Piece. […] More

  • Is Yamato the Daughter of Kaido and Black Maria?

    I was looking into classic Japanese folklore and fairy tales to examine the parallels they share with the current Wano arc, and I came across some very interesting stuff. I am more and more convinced that Kaido, Yamato and Black Maria are all the same race. The Oni or Yokai Race (Oni are a type […] More

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