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  • Edward Weevil will join Luffy’s Grand Fleet

    First I call Weevil the illegitimate child of Whitebeard because I am 100% sure he is not Whitebeard’s son. Whitebeard obviously has much more morals than Bakkin, so there is no way he actually fell in love for her. It is 100% true she hooked up with one hell of a fighter though. The illegitimate […] More

  • Shanks has a only human crew

    Big Mom claims to desire a utopia where all races and species can live in harmony, in fact Totto Land is most notable for being home to members of almost every race and tribe in the world. The known races that inhabit Totto Land are humans, fish-men, merfolk, minks, snakenecks, longarms, longlegs, dwarves, three-eyes, along with […] More

  • Oda hinted Blackbeard’s possible origin since Drum Island Arc!

    Oda hinted Blackbeard’s possible origin 800+ chapters ago back in the Drum Island Arc. Let me explain. Oda drew Blackbeard as a kid, who’s shown to be crying at NIGHT with a half moon in the background. The crazy part is, there’s a piece of SNOW under his feet. Snow? And why is this has […] More

  • 4 Possibilities for Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi Awakening

    We are all very excited to see how will our Captain’s Awakening look like – here is my little funky post with some crazy possibilities! 1) The Inflatable Castle Ah, this one is quite popular! Luffy turns his surroundings to rubber and everyone bounces around like crazy! Imagine the struggle of the crew, when Luffy […] More

  • Old Era VS New Era

    A lot of people think that Old Legends from the previous era like Garp and Sengoku in their prime were stronger than current Admirals. But I think that would really undercut Luffy’s achievements of becoming Pirate King if all the current Admirals aren’t as strong as the previous generation in their prime. In the next […] More

  • All 10 Straw Hats are based on mythological figures

    So fun thing I’ve been working on is the theory that all the Straw Hats are actually based on monsters from various types of media. Some are quite obvious, others may be more of a stretch. Monkey D. Luffy – The Monkey King. The monkey king is the antagonist of the Buddha in Buddhism. This […] More

  • Sanji vs Shiryu of the Blackbeard Pirates

    As we know, Shiryu of the Rain Shiryu has eaten the Suke Suke no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit which gives him the ability to turn himself and whatever he is holding invisible. He acquired this fruit soon after his crew murdered its previous user, Absalom. With this fruit, he is able to cut opponents without being spotted, taking […] More

  • Shanks’ Death will catalyze the Greatest War ever seen!

    Kind-hearted, at least when it comes to his friends. He loves to party, stops Yonkos like a badass, and even stops wars. He talks to the World Government behind the scenes. There are many aspects to Shanks that are peculiar, especially that one of the most notorious pirates would meet with the leaders of the […] More

  • Mihawk taught Zoro how to create and use Illusions

    We’ve been through Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, Dressrosa, Zou, Whole Cake Island and now Wano… but we have never seen Zoro taken to the limit like Luffy has with Doflamingo, Cracker and Katakuri. This means that we don’t know how strong Zoro actually is so.. let’s look at it like this: for 2 years Zoro […] More

  • Why Luffy and Yonko Commanders are not at the same level as Admirals

    I’ve seen a lot of talk about how Luffy is close to if not already at Admiral level of power. I’m going to state my thoughts, provide evidence, and also refute common counterarguments I see many people say. In my opinion, the Admirals are the most powerful people in the One Piece World behind the […] More

  • The Reason Why Shanks Lost An Arm

    The fact that Shanks lost his arm has nothing to do with his strength. Shanks sacrificed his arm for the New Generation of Pirates. We can make out that he was strong from the start of the Series itself. He had a large crew with many monsters in them like Benn Beckman and Lucky Roo. […] More

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