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  • Law and Kid’s Current Power Level

    Oda has made it pretty clear through portrayal and feats that both Law and Kid have surpassed the Yonko Commanders besides possibly Benn Beckman. We’ve seen since the start of Wano that Yonko Commander Level characters don’t stand a chance against the Yonko: – Whole Cake Island Luffy getting 1 shotted by Base Form Kaido […] More

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  • How Luffy will overthrow Im-sama and the World Government!

    –Im-sama: The Great Divider There is a bunch of theories about what Im-sama is but for this I just want to talk about Im’s goal and cycles. For this theory, I am using the term “World Government” to mean the Five Elders and Im. Not the Marines. –Celestial Dragons How important are Celestial Dragons? For […] More

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  • Oda Foreshadowed Shanks’ New Haki Ability in Whole Cake Island Arc!

    With the recent revelation in volume “4 Billion” that came out with Film Red, we learn that Shanks has a title known as “Killer of Observation Haki”. Apparently, Shanks has this title because he has an ability known as “Sign of Presence”, which allows him to disrupt his opponent’s use of future sight by concealing […] More

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  • Oda already hinted at Yamato’s role in the Straw Hat Crew!

    In Chapter 1056 Yamato announces her intent to join the Straw Hats and live like Kozuki Oden did. While her joining the crew is exciting, it raises the question of what role she will assume in One Piece‘s main pirate group. Well there is actually a real “role” for her to do in the ship: Guard. 1. The existence of […] More

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  • The “Certain Someone” Caribou is talking about in Chapter 1056!

    In the most recent chapter, we saw this panel of Caribou talking about how a “certain someone” would love to hear about not only Pluton’s existence in Wano, but also the relation between Luffy and Poseidon. I’ve seen a handful of theories and discussion trying to figure out who he’s referring to. I think that the most […] More

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  • Carrot Will Still Join the Straw Hat Pirates after Chapter 1056

    After the recent chapter a lot of people have concluded that now that Inuarashi/Nekomamushi have appointed Carrot as the next leader of Zou that this would eliminate any chances of Carrot joining Luffy’s crew. However I think the exact opposite is happening and it is now more likely than ever before and I’d like to […] More

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