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  • How Zoro learned his new ability over the course of Wano

    I want to explain what Enma was doing to Zoro, because it seems we actually get to see exactly how Zoro learns how to infuse Conqueror’s into his 3 sword style throughout the course of Onigashima. People still treat Enma itself as Zoro’s powerup, but nothing really indicates that his growth came from anywhere but himself. I […] More

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  • Why Aokiji should be the World’s Most Wanted Man

    Why is Aokiji not the world’s most wanted man at the moment? Eliminating him should be the Marine’s highest priority. He was very popular with the troops of any rank, which was why most flag officers favored him as candidate for the position of Fleet Admiral. However, after losing the position to Sakazuki, he resigned […] More

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  • The Traitor On Egghead Island, Explained

    I think it’s the main Vegapunk/Stella. The “traitor” ripping cameras out the ceiling of the Labosphere in Egghead: The close-together beady eyes. The flatted-out head. Maybe the apple-antenna? Hair doesn’t look as spiky. But maybe Oda did that to make the silhouette look somewhat ambiguous? If it is Vegapunk #1 running this sabotage mission, the […] More

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  • Eustass Kid’s Awakening Has So Much Potential

    Before I start we should take into account that in Anime and Manga things can become more simplistic for the sake of the narrative. Things like rubber not burning when hit by lightning or Magma being able to burn an intangible element like fire. So with the awakening of Kid’s devil fruit, the potential of […] More

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  • Shanks and Buggy’s Real Plans

    I just recently read the entire series over about 3 weeks and, like many people, have browsed social media for theories, explanations, and summaries. One recurring discussion that seems to take place is that of Buggy’s future and Shanks plans. To me, it’s rather obvious. When the Roger Pirates came back after visiting Laugh Tale […] More

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  • Is Blackbeard going to kill Garp?

    I believe Blackbeard has the Whole Cake Island and Fishman Island Road Poneglyphs. Law said ‘You took the words right out of my mouth’ when Blackbeard said he’d be taking Law’s Poneglyphs, indicating Blackbeard has some of his own. Blackbeard will beat Law and take the Zou and Wano Poneglyphs, meaning he’ll have all 4. […] More

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