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  • Mihawk’s Bounty After Shichibukai’s Abolishment

    Now that we have discovered many bounties of the major pirates of One Piece, I think it’s the best time to estimate what might be Mihawk’s bounty. INDIVIDUAL POWER LEVEL When it comes to his individual power, Oda hinted many times that Mihawk is one of the best fighter of One Piece. He’s probably at […] More

  • Mindblowing Connection between Zoro’s Father and Luffy’s Father!

    Something that has always striked me as “interesting”, to say the least, is Dragon’s tattoo. Especially the fact that in Chapter 0, we see Monkey D. Dragon at Roger’s execution, 24 years ago. At that time Dragon didn’t have a tattoo. It was deliberately excluded, and in the current day it is a staple for […] More

  • “Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh was an actual King

    Reread chapter 603, and the whole “Dark King” epithet has an interesting reading if Rayleigh was actually a king. When Roger first meets him all Rayleigh says about his past is that his home burned down and he stole this boat and lives in it. Another fun visual clue is that Rayleigh is not in […] More

  • Could Luffy’s Mother Have Been a Celestial Dragon?

    First I was thinking why has she not been mentioned, and how did Garp even get Luffy under his care. Luffy didn’t even know he had a father and as of yet no one questioned him on his mother either Garp has not said anything either as if its someone higher up said not to. […] More

  • 3 Possible Scenarios for the Final Battle vs Kaido

    First, I want to start by adressing a point I’ve read several times: Are Luffy and the Alliance going to fail? Honestly, I can confidently say that no, they won’t. I see no scenario in which at the end of the arc, Wano isn’t freed from Kaido and the Beasts Pirates, and let me tell […] More

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    Tama’s Devil Fruit is what controls Zunesha

    In Chapter 1037 we see the Five Elders are having a discussion about the Wano war at Mary Geoise. The World Government is revealed to have changed the name of a Devil Fruit in order to hide its true name.The fruit has not awakened for centuries, becoming a mere legend. To satisfy the prerequisite of […] More

  • What Luffy and Roger both said in the parallel scenes!

    In Chapter 1000 Ace and Yamato both reference the secret dream Luffy and Roger share. This was set up as far back as Sabaody when Rayleigh told Luffy about Shanks: Since chapter 968 there’s been renewed discussion about the particular words both Luffy and Roger may have said that stood as similar to others, specifically […] More

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