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  • Will Eustass Kid replace Kaido among the Four Emperors?

    Right now Luffy seem to be way ahead of every other Supernova, probably competing for a Yonko role. We might see both Big Mom and Kaido fall after Wano or in the near future. Now what happens when a Yonko gets defeated? Unlike Whitebeard who had allies and territories that were under his protection, Kaido […] More

  • That’s Why Marco Knows the Secret of Marshall D. Teach

    To put it simply, my theory is that during the Wano Arc, we will find out how Blackbeard is able to use two devil fruits. I have thought this since the reveal that Marco is a doctor. Although this could always have been inferred, based on his devil fruit being a phoenix, which are mythically […] More

  • Why was Monkey D. Dragon in Logue Town?

    Today we talk about the Revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon. In particular WHY he was at Logue Town. THIS is always ignored in EVERY theory I have seen about Dragon. People always talk about his Devil Fruit and his past in the Marines but not why he was in Logue Town. I think I can solve […] More

  • Connections between Onigashima and Oars the Continent-Puller

    In Chapter 978 The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance has infiltrated Onigashima. In this panel we see the Thousand Sunny, which is approximately around 23 meters in height, meaning that the big sword seems to who knows how many times bigger than Oars who is around 80 meters, so it’s only logical that this sword belong to whoever […] More

  • A Small Detail Missed in Chapter 1016!

    As we have seen in Chapter 1016, in the visitor’s reception room, CP-0 continues to observe the battle, noting that despite supposedly losing Luffy, the alliance is still fighting. The boss says that an additional total of 5,000 soldiers have been incapacitated, leaving the Beasts Pirates with 24,000 soldiers and the alliance with 3,000. However, […] More

  • Chapter 1016 sheds new light on the skirmish between Shanks vs Kaido

    So remember when Shanks and Kaido supposedly clashed in the New World before the start of Marineford War because Kaido wanted to intercept Whitebeard? There’s been tons of theories created about what happened during that encounter because it’s a rather significant encounter that was offscreen by Oda with no explanation to us as to why. […] More

  • All inflicted damage on Kaido during Wano arc so far!

    This thread lists inflicted damage on Kaido during Wano arc so far. Before Fighting Worst Generation Kaido clashed with Big Mom continuously for one to three days would have caused minor fatigues and loss of stamina. Red Scabbards drew blood from Kaido with their swords and attacks. Kinemon and Kiku pierced Kaido’s torso and right palm […] More

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