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  • Chapters 1025 suggests Yamato’s True Motivation to join the Straw Hats

    Since Yamato’s introduction, Oda has been hinting at Yamato being the next crew member, with the likelihood of it happening increasing each chapter she appears in. Oda has made Yamato a character that is in a personality crisis, she is split between being “Yamato” and the character “Oden”. Being Oden is a major symbolic representation […] More

  • Zoro’s Three Swords at the End of Wano!

    Oda made a special cover celebrating the arrival of One Piece Chapter 1000. As you can see below Zoro has three swords: The swords Oda drew there are: Wado Ichimonji Enma Shusui​ Is that a foreshadowing from Oda that Zoro will leave Wano with Enma, Wado Ichimonji and Shusui? Zoro gaining Shusui means that the […] More

  • Surprising Connection between Laugh Tale and Bink’s Sake song

    One question that definitely needs to be answered eventually is why Laugh Tale is so hard to find. It can’t just be something stupid like dangerous seas or an underwater city, because then Fishmen could easily find it, or someone coating their ship could easily find it. Since the official romanization of Raftel was revealed […] More

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    The Three Guardian Deities of Wano

    Is Hiyori the “Pheasant” of our raid on Onigashima and not Marco as commonly believed? With our most recent developments, our rooftop rumble has ¾ of the suspected Momotaro role-players, missing just the pheasant. Typically the thought around here is that Momonosuke’s companions to defeat the Oni Kaido are supposed to be representations of those […] More

  • 4 Devil Fruit Powers that Ryokugyu Might Possess

    My theory today is about Admiral Ryokyugū (Green Bull)and his devil fruit. Many people had already talked about it, it has something to do with plants or time or he is a bull etc… But nobody seems to have a clear idea what his fruit specifically could be.I made some research and found some possible […] More

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    There Are Many Foreshadowings in Oda’s New Color Spread!

    Recently it was revealed the third and final One Piece Global Character Popularity Poll Top 50 Illustration by Oda: Here’s the complete color spread: There are some neat little details in there that I thought I’d point out. Among the original Shichibukai: Kuma, Hancock and Mihawk are facing away from the Straw Hats – showing that […] More

  • Shanks Is Actually A Celestial Dragon?!

    OK, let’s start from the God Valley Incident. The God Valley Incident took place at an island known as God Valley, 38 years before present time. It consisted of a battle between the Rocks Pirates and a joint effort of the Roger Pirates and the Marines. For unknown reasons, the world nobles and some of […] More


    I’ve already seen some theories regarding Lucky Roo’s powers, some of them are so original and strange that say he can control time! Well after thinking and research I’ve come up with something more basic, but works perfectly with every piece of information we have! So, what’s the Mystery?Mystery 1: During Romance Dawn, we see […] More

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