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  • Both Roger and Whitebeard’s illness were caused by Rocks D. Xebec

    The First Rule of One Piece is “Never trust anything the World Government says”. According to the World Government, Garp and Roger teamed up and defeated not only Rocks D. Xebec but the entire Rocks Pirates crew (which included Big Mom, Kaido, Edward Newgate and Shiki) causing them to disband after Rocks was killed. But […] More

  • All The Reasons Why Zoro Has Conqueror’s Haki

    Many One Piece fans believe that if the right-hand man of the Pirate King, Rayleigh can have Conqueror’s Haki, then the right-hand man of the future Pirate King, Zoro can certainly possess it. The parallel between Zoro and Rayleigh is pretty high. Scar on an eye, scar on chest, both heavy drinkers, both loners before […] More

  • Will there be another Timeskip?

    The way the story is moving right now we are already able to chain alot of the events that will follow together. First Wano with the Shogun Orochi, Big Mom and Kaido, then Shanks and finally a showdown with Blackbeard at Laugh Tale or something. Then of course there is the whole Revolutionary Army vs […] More

  • Luffy’s Awakening – The Ability to stretch Time and Space

    For Luffy’s Awakening I like the idea of him stretching, instead of his body, the space (and time?) around him. So imagine he winds up a Gomu Gomu Pistol, but he also stretches the space between him and his opponent to be miles long so he’s just a speck in the distance, and also the […] More

  • Shiryu’s True Intention by eating the Suke Suke no Mi

    Shiryu of the Rain has eaten the Suke Suke no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit which gives him the ability to turn himself and other things invisible. With this fruit, he is able to cut opponents without being spotted, taking them by surprise. At first I thought it was a weird choice. It’s a very […] More

  • Shanks vs Luffy will be Luffy’s first fight as Pirate King!

    Like many others I got the impression Shanks only remaining purpose in the story is to die for hype. Especially after Summit War it feels like more than obvious he will die through Blackbeards hands for the ultimate Teach hype. But then an event happened which start to screw up that idea. You all know […] More

  • Monkey D. Family are Royals from the Ancient Kingdom

    I believe that the Monkey D. Family (and possibly Gol D. Family) are actually Royals from the Ancient Kingdom. Where as everyone else with the “D” are simply regular bloodline. Oda loves foreshadowing things which is primarily what this is all based off. 1. Enel’s God complex Enel thought he was a god and when […] More

  • Reasons why Carrot will be the 11th Straw Hat

    Currently, the Straw Hat Pirates crew has 10 members, but I’m pretty sure Carrot will join soon as the 11th crew member. Here is why: She’s a goofy character that goes along with the trio of Chopper, Usopp and Luffy in their funny moments. She’s strong (if Chopper manages to find a way for her […] More

  • How to understand if a certain Character in One Piece is in his prime

    I think I worked it out and I’m dead serious about this, this isn’t a joke. A character is at their peak when they are at their oldest age where they still have their original hair color. Aging in One Piece works differently than in our world. In our world, our peak is somewhere between […] More

  • Only the bloodline of D. can interact with the One Piece

    Many claim that the Roger Pirates discovered too soon what they found at Laugh Tale and that Poseidon is integral to Joy Boy’s plan. But let’s not forget, Toki can send people into the future. Wouldn’t it make sense for Toki to send the Roger Pirates to the time when the Mermaid Princess is born? […] More

  • Brook’s Yomi Yomi no Mi Awakening: The Devils Implosion

    This is a dissection of the Yomi Yomi no Mi. The point of this dissection is to theorize a possible Awakening or Power Up for Brook’s Devil Fruit. I believe that upon Awakening Brook will unlock the “Master Exploder” technique or more accurately a Devil Fruit Implosion Technique. The Yomi Yomi no Mi is different […] More

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