Hachinosu was the nest of Gol D Roger’s Giant Egg


Hachinosu was the nest of Gol D Roger’s Giant Egg

It always puzzled me that the Oro Jackson had a giant egg in it. It’s a weird detail that has, so far, had no explanation, but seems important enough that it should.


Then, just now, I saw a post saying that the egg is the great treasure on Hachinosu that was stolen, mentioned in Chapter 1096. At first I thought haha, this is just another One Piece random theory. But then I thought about it some more, and realized one key detail.

Hachinosu. Why is it named that? Usually all of the names of One Piece’s islands have some form of meaning or connection. But Hachinosu was, in that sense, an enigma. However. I thought about it’s name in terms of multiple words:

Hachi no su.

Also written as:


Hachi could be a name, or can also be a bee, or could be written as 八, which means 8. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I could think of for now.

No (の) is roughly translated to “belonging to”, or “of”.

And finally, su (巣). This means Nest.

Yeah; like a bird nest, or the lair of a bear, or the den of a pack of wolves. Either way, it’s the home of something. And I’m willing to bet it was the home of that egg, and possible whatever made it.


And so, Hachinosu could be translated to the Nest of Hachi, the previous inhabitant, or a Bee’s Nest, which could refer to the pirates inhabiting it acting like a group of angry wasps, etc.

*Theory by ABitSketchy

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