Why didn’t Rayleigh tried to save Ace?


Why didn’t Rayleigh tried to save Ace?

  • He doesn’t even try to save his captain’s son from execution by teaming up with Whitebeard.
  • Sits and watches the execution of his captain’s son instead of swimming to Marineford which is located right next to Sabaody.
  • Cries for Whitebeard but doesn’t give a damn about his captain’s son dying prior.

Instead he goes:

  • To protect Amazon Lily from a Yonko and Marines.
  • To protect a pirate crew he just met 5 minutes ago from an Admiral.
  • To Marineford just to relay some message.

As a reminder for someone who might think that Rayleigh didn’t know about Ace being Roger’s son:

  • Roger told about Ace to Garp. Roger trusted Garp more than Rayleigh? He did not even inform that he’s expecting a child? That’s some disappointing relationship between them.
  • Ace had the same name as his mother and Roger’s sword. Roger never even told Rayleigh the name of his lover?
  • There was like big news about Ace’s execution 1 week prior the war and Rayleigh did not find it suspicious why would they be doing public execution and risk a war with Whitebeard for a random pirate?
  • Rayleigh never saw the resemblance of young Roger in Ace’s wanted poster?

*by kurwa

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