10 Facts You Should Know About The Yonkos


#1 – All the Yonko’s crews are named after their respective captain’s epithet.


#2 – Out of all the total Yonko, Shanks is the only one to have human-like body size and proportions.

#3 – Three of them are shown to possess Haki:


Charlotte Linlin possesses both Haoshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki.
Shanks was shown possessing Haoshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki.
The late Edward Newgate is said to possess all three types.

#4 – Marshall D. Teach is the only known person to serve as both a Shichibukai and later a Yonko.


#5 – Three of the Yonko have been shown to be habitual alcohol drinkers: Shanks, Kaido, and the late Edward Newgate. The other two Yonko Marshall D. Teach and Charlotte Linlin are shown to be very gluttonous.

#6 – Both Kaido and Charlotte Linlin shared some similarities with one another:

-Both dreamed of creating something through the power of science, through dealing with the scientist Caesar Clown (Kaido dreamed of creating a crew composed entirely of Zoan-type Devil Fruit users, via Caesar’s Artificial Devil Fruits; Linlin dreamed of dining with her diverse family at eye-level, via Caesar’s falsely promised Gigantification-drugs).
-Both never made a proper appearance until the second half of the series.
-Both of them are noted to have a body that is impervious to conventional damage.
-Both of them have three crewmembers whose strength and authority is only second to them (the Disasters and the Sweet Commanders)
-Both have a single Road Poneglyph that can, with all four Road Poneglyphs deciphered, lead to Raftel’s location.

#7 – Charlotte Linlin claimed that had she managed to marry off her daughter Lola with Elbaf prince Loki to secure a political alliance, she would have gained the strongest army of giants that would have allowed her to defeat the other three Yonko (Kaido, Shanks, Edward Newgate) and become the next Pirate King!

#8 – Three of the Yonko are known to have dealt with Gol D. Roger in their past:

Shanks was an apprentice on Roger’s ship and inherited his straw hat.
Charlotte Linlin holds a grudge against Roger for reading the Poneglyphs in her possession years ago.
Edward Newgate and Roger were fierce rivals in the past but held respect for one another with Roger telling him about the meaning of Will of the D.

#9 – Charlotte Linlin is the only Yonko to have any bounty revealed (although like the other members, her current reward is still unknown).

#10 – Big Mom and Kaido have been affiliated with each other in the past, as Kaido seems to owe her a huge debt, that she said lasts for a lifetime.

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