10 Famous Mangakas drew Luffy in their own styles!


It’s always great fun to see different artists’ takes on a familiar character, and we hope you’ll enjoy seeing Luffy portrayed in the varied unique styles as much as we did.

Luffy drawn by Akira Toriyama (creator of Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball):


Luffy drawn by Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto):

Luffy drawn by Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach):


Luffy drawn by Yuusuke Murata (illustrator of One Punch Man):


Luffy drawn by Takehiko Inoue (creator of Slam Dunk and Vagabond):

Luffy drawn by Katsura Hoshino (creator of D.Gray-man):

Luffy drawn by Kyousuke Usuta (creator of Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar):

Luffy drawn by Hiroyuki Takei (creator of Shaman King):

Luffy drawn by Yasuki Tanaka (creator of Kagijin):

Luffy drawn by Masaya Tokuhiro (creator of Jungle King Tar-chan):

That’s why we shouldn’t underestimate the Whitebeard Pirates

Shanks’ Gryphon Sword originally belonged to Gol D. Roger