10 Things You Should Know About Edward Weevil


-Edward Weevil is the self-proclaimed son of Edward Newgate and was one of the Shichibukai, until the organization’s dissolution.


-Weevil’s mother is Miss Bakkin, the self-proclaimed lover of Newgate.
During her pirate career around 40 years ago, Bakkin was on the same ship with Newgate. Weevil was born 35 years ago, shortly after that era.

-Two years ago, hearing news of Whitebeard’s death, Weevil swore revenge to himself and that he would stop Blackbeard, despite Bakkin not having any particular interest in Teach herself. Now they’re searching for Marco in order to claim the late Whitebeard’s fortune.


-Like his alleged father Whitebeard, Weevil wields a bisento as a weapon of choice.


-Unlike his self-proclaimed father, Weevil does not hold concepts of family in the same regard, believing that his alleged blood heritage is what makes him true family, not bonds built on friendship and camaraderie. Because of this, he violently attacked all those once affiliated with Whitebeard.

-Weevil’s powers have been praised by Kizaru who compared his abilities to that of a younger Whitebeard, his alleged father. He was able to single-handedly defeat 16 pirate crews affiliated with Whitebeard, including the A.O Pirates, without taking a single injury.
This shows he’s really powerful, even among the Shichibukai.

-His weak point is in his legs, as they are incredibly lanky despite his massive upper body. Because of this, when Bakkin is angry at him, she hits him on the legs.

-Weevil had the highest known former bounty of all the Shichibukai.
He was the last of the Shichibukai appointed mid-timeskip to be revealed, and the last Shichibukai to be revealed before the system’s abolishment.

-Weevil is the only fomer Shichibukai who did not participate in the Battle of Marineford.

-Weevil is revealed to use both Observation Haki and Armament Haki.

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