10 Things You Should Know About Franky


Franky has three jolly rogers: One has been used by Toei Animation, and one drawn by Oda in a SBS, and a third post-timeskip jolly roger:


  • The Toei jolly roger has Franky’ skull viewed from the side, modified to look crescent-shaped, with sunglasses. The crossbones consist of a normal bone in the upper right, with bulky bones going from upper left to lower right having star marks on them. Behind that is a linked circle of chains.
  • Oda’s pre-time skip jolly roger has Franky’s skull with his trade mark hairstyle. The right half of the skull above the jaw is black instead of white, with three white screws above the eye socket. It has normal crossbones behind the skull, but on either side of the skull and crossbones, it has Franky’s bulky popeye arms with the star tattoos clearly showing.
  • Oda’s post-timeskip jolly roger has Franky’s skull with a buzz-cut and sunglasses. The crossbones is made up of a saw and hammer. Behind the crossbones is Franky’s BF-37 logo and in the background is a large star.

Franky’s real name Cutty Flam is a reference to the sailing ships Cutty Sark and Fram.

His birthday is March 9, which comes from the term サイボーグ (cyborg): サ can be interpret as “san”, or the number 3, while グ can be interpret as “kyu”, or number 9. This gives 3-9, or March 9. He shares the same birthday with Shanks and Mihawk.

Franky’s favorite foods are hamburgers, french fries, and anything that goes with cola. His least favorite food is marshmallows. His favorite dish to cook is barbecue.

Before the Straw Hats arrived at Water 7, Luffy drew a childish picture of what he wanted the future shipwright to look like. This bad drawing is similar in appearance to Franky.


When he is not working in his room within Sunny, he keeps his tools in his swim briefs. However, in the time skip, he now appears to store his tools inside his arms.

Franky bears a resemblance to the American cartoon character “Popeye the Sailorman”. They both share similarly large tattooed forearms, are both 34 years old (pre-timeskip), and both rely on food for immediate energy and power (spinach and cola, respectively).


One of the shirts Franky wears in opening 12 is the same shirt Luffy wears in the Dressrosa Arc.

When transforming, Franky yells “Hentai” 変体 (change of form / alternate form) instead of the more commonly used transforming word “Henshin”. This can be confused with the same sounding word, “Hentai” 変態, that can be translated as transformation or metamorphosis, but more commonly used to say something is perverted or a pervert. Therefore, this makes his enemies think that Franky says “pervert” or “perverted” when transforming. Furthermore, whenever someone uses “Hentai” in other context (such as a certain battle formation used by the Flying Fish Riders), Franky tends to show confusion as if it is talking about him.

In the 6th Japanese fan poll, Franky came out as the 20th most popular character. This makes him the least popular of the Straw Hats.

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