Roger is dead but something doesn’t seem to add up about his execution. His body’s location was never revealed and it’s unlikely that they just dumped it. If they had, it would have been showcased in someway.
Why would Roger’s dead body be important?
It shows a sign of victory to the World Government and the Marines
“What!!? Taking their heads will show the marines’ victory!”

They wanted to take Whitebeard and Ace’s head after they died which means that they already planned to take ace’s head before the war broke out but it was impossible as Shanks would not leave without their bodies.

But there was no one to stop anyone from taking Rogers’s head, it should have been on display as a sign of strength to the world government

So what happened?

Someone stole it before anyone could decapitate Roger. Who? Monkey D.Dragon“Dragons secret weapon”

Let’s talk about Gol D. Roger Strength

Power of the Pirate King

“He was even known to wipe out an entire country’s military..just because they spoke ill of his Crew”

Roger was famed as the man who did what no one thought possible – conquering the Grand Line and amassed a vast fortune.
He was hailed as the most powerful pirate of all times. His fighting power was nearly unstoppable. Example of his strength include single-handedly defeating the armies of several countries.

Dragon took Roger?

Why was Dragon at Louge Town 22 years ago?​

Dragon wanted the one thing that can be used as leverage against the World Government which was the Pirate King who knew the location of Raftel and had an Ancient Weapon​.
How do we know that dragon did anything 22 years ago?
Roger’s Execution
Loguetown before Dragon was seen
Well it’s… really sunny

Loguetown after Dragon was seen

It’s rainy and the stormy. And Dragon he’s walking away from The Crowd

What did the Marines and the World Government plan to do with Roger’s body?

Marines want to take his head and show it to the World as a sign of victory but Roger’s corpse never reached Mariejois.

Dragon showed a sign that he was going to attack!
20 years after Dragon was seen in Lougetown the event occoured he made it rain and started a storm he did the same in 22 years ago in Louge town but we never saw dragon fight anyone there but he started the storm for a reasonDragon attacks the ship that was going to carry the corpse to MariejoisSounds too easy but there was no marines or the Admirals to make sure nothing went wrong which made it easier for dragon to do it

Dragon called off the need for Marines security that day!

In aces execution all the Admirals were there to stop any treats which included Whitebeard


Ace was Rogers Last living Heir so why was no one guarding Roger

Rogers Execution 

Marines were only there to stop threats but the Number is threats could be more as there was no guarantee that Silvers Rayleigh , Scopper Gaban or Kozuki Oden showng up for roger

Who has the power to do this? 

CP0 works directly under the World Government they also has the power command marines like how In (movie Gold yea it’s non-cannon) Rob Lucci commanded Akainu to give him a fleet of 10 Ships

So Monkey D Dragon was a high ranking member or Leader of CP0 allowing him to Call off the Marins at Rogers Execution allowing only himself to be there and taking the rorgers corpse​

A true demon
Cutting off every single bloodline of roger is a sign of a desperation act they wanted something to stay hidden or goneRoger was always called a “Demon” even Garp called him a “True Demon”TheoryPrincess Shirahoshi – Poseidon “Ancient Weapon”

Gol D.Roger – Hades

Gol D Family’s Ancestor could very well be connected to the Real Hades which meant the Roger had an Ancient Bloodline

If the real Posidon were to exist then The possibility of Hades and Zeus are a huge possibility

Why isn’t Hades a Ancient Weapon?Weapons can be controlled and used but somethings are beyond control which meant that Hades wasn’t a Ancient “weapon” because it can’t be used
So everyone thaught that ace had the inheritance of HadesHades = Roger
• Hades was the god of wealth
• Rogers ephit “Gold”Roger and his crew members had names like Silvers and Scopper•Hades was not really evil but many thaught of him as evil
• Roger was also not really evil but Many thaught of him as evil

So why a Corpse

Rogers Bloodline represents something the World Government Fears
But he’s Dead​

There are methods to bring someone back to life Moriah did it but no roger isn’t gonna come back as a zombie or anything like that

Monkey.D.Dragon’s answer?

What’s his Question?​

It’s most likely that the world government is curious wether that he succeeded in bringing roger back to life or wether Dragon obtained the power himself


In conclusion Rogers body is missing and Dragon is in possession of it making the world government want to kill dragon and their suspions of wether dragon had the succeeded in securing Rogers Bloodline 

Dragons bloodline is connected to Zeus and roger is Connected to Hades meaning they are brothers like luffy and ace


Dragon’s ultra rare type of Devil Fruit