Thatch Trivia

  • Seeing a resemblance between Thatch’s name and that of the real life pirate known as Blackbeard, Edward Thatch, a fan asked Oda in a SBS question if Thatch was based on the real life Blackbeard along with Edward Newgate and Marshall D. Teach.Oda replied to the fan that he indeed based Thatch’s name on the real life Blackbeard’s. However, the similarity is in name only.
  • Thatch was the only division commander known to be killed before the start of the story line.
  • During the war at Marineford, Whitebeard is seen with only fourteen division commanders, not including Ace, indicating that Thatch had not been replaced.
  • In Episode 476, a statue resembling Thatch can be seen after Hancock’s first attack.
  • Initially in the anime, he was given blonde hair spiking out rather than being arranged in a pompadour, had a white foulard, wore a blue shirt and gray pants with a sword on his right hip.Later in the anime, he was given a different color scheme; his hair was changed to orange brown, his foulard became yellow, and his entire uniform changed to a much lighter blue, with his shirt and pants the same color.

Hardest character to draw for Oda

A possible new technique Luffy might create in the fight against Katakuri!