2 Different Types of Leadership


The fight between Katakuri and Luffy have me realized something critical in management.


Katakuri represents a “conventional Leader” who strikes to be respected by his subordinates. Katakuri is the one who works at night when no one watches; he’s the one who hides his insecurities to become the person that presumably fits his role. He gains commitments from his people by being the person that everybody can look up to and rely upon. This kind of leaders is some of the most capable but the least happy because he simply can not reveal his insecurities or weaknesses. Team performance-wise, a major flaw of such leadership is simply that no one is perfect: Once the “perfect leader image” crumbles, the team crumbles.

Luffy, on the other hand, represents an “unconventional Leader” who publicly admits that he simply sucks at a lot of things and that he needs people by his side. He gains commitments from his people by showing that “if you can help me achieve our goals, I will be the first one to support you when you need me the most.” This kind of leaders tends to be a lot happier because he is open about his weaknesses. Team performance-wise, because everyone is open about their strengths and weakness, teamwork can be done more effectively.

by FunForEveryOneButYou

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