20 Reasons why Luffy is the Luckiest Character Ever in One Piece


Luffy is said to have incredible luck. His luck is so great that people around him, like Smoker, Ivankov, Elder Nyon, and even his own crew think that they were miracles, or even divine intervention, though in most cases it has to do with his incredible willpower.


Examples are:

  • Surviving the execution done by Buggy. Buggy nearly executed Luffy on the site of the Pirate King’s scaffold but was struck by lightning before he could do it. Everyone witness this as miracle.

  • Managing to escape the Marines led by Smoker in Loguetown thanks to the intervention of his father Monkey D. Dragon. Suddenly, a gust came out of nowhere and blew everyone. Once again, Luffy got away from this.


  • Crocodile managed to defeat Luffy and threw him into quicksand. Luckily, Robin saves him and had Pell to cured him.


  • Again, Crocodile defeated Luffy by dehydrating him. But, Luffy was saved thanks to the water that Luffy shot earlier.
  • Picking out a dud in a basket full of exploding apples.

  • When Galdino created multiple clones of him, Luffy kicked the real one using his instinct.

  • Enel overpowered everyone else in Skypiea before facing Luffy. When Enel attacked Luffy, the lightning didn’t Luffy at all. Luffy is just happens to be immune with electricity and is the main reason why Luffy can fight Enel.

  • Aokiji freezed Luffy in one-on-one battle. Aokiji decided to not finished him.

  • Managing to beat Gekko Moriah just before the sun rises, making him cough up all the shadows he stole in time.
  • Accidentally making the man-hating Boa Hancock fall in love with him.

  • Having the willpower to survive Magellan’s poison and recover from it through pure strength of will and some hormone enhancement, when it was said there was not even a shred of hope that he would survive, and that even antidotes were out of the question.

  • Breaking into and out of Impel Down with the help of former enemies and new allies.

  • Participating in the Battle of Marineford and surviving. In Marineford, Luffy get a lot of help. Except Buggy and his followers, everyone helped Luffy. Whitebeard Pirates and allies help Luffy to reach execution platform. Daz Bones and Crocodile buy their time to fend off Mihawk, who was targeting Luffy. Hancock rescued Luffy and gave him the key. Galdino helped create the key for Luffy to freed Ace. Trafalgar Law arrived at Marineford and saved Luffy. Jinbe saved Luffy from utter despair.

  • Being poisoned by Hyouzou only to discover he developed strong resistances to even the deadliest of poisons due to his fight with Magellan.

  • Luffy had lost a large amount of blood and he needs blood transfusion. Luckily, Jinbe came and donate his blood to Luffy.

  • Avoided being killed and having his Devil Fruit stolen by Jesus Burgess due to the intervention of his brother, Sabo.

  • Defeating Donquixote Doflamingo before the Birdcage kills everyone, with his victory being very lucky as after his Gear Fourth wore off, he needed ten minutes to regain his Haki and had not several gladiators held off Doflamingo and the Birdcage, Luffy would have never defeated him.

  • Encountering Vinsmoke Reiju right after he consumed an immensely venomous fish, as she is capable of removing poison from people’s bodies.

  • Being freed from the imprisonment of the Big Mom Pirates by the timely arrival of Jinbe.

  • Narrowly avoiding execution by Big Mom as the bomb that the Minister of the Right planted inside the Tamatebako, which Luffy previously gave away to the Big Mom Pirates, exploded and caused the collapse of the Whole Cake Chateau.
  • He escaped from a fight with Charlotte Katakuri by using the latter’s sister to escape the Mirro-World while leaving his foe stranded.


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