3 Possible Repercussions for the Big Mom Pirates


Today I’ll talk about the possible repercussions (or reactions) for the Big Mom Pirates after Luffy’s invason:

Blackbeard or the Marines take advantage of Big Mom’s current vulnerability.


Big Mom herself is fine but a significant part of her crew is at least injured if not completely incapable to fight. However an attack is only possible if either side has perfect information and comes in shortly after the Straw Hats departure. As far as I remember it’s nowhere stated that Blackbeard has a spy there so he has no way of even knowing about all this. The Marines/CP0 do have Stussy there but we have to remember that the Reverie is coming up and they have to provide security there. Also they’d want to mobilize a force that’s somewhat in the ballpark of what we saw vs. Whitebeard which will take them too long I reckon. After a few days the Big Mom crew will have recuperated and order will be restored on the islands which is the reason I think this theory falls flat. If Oda wanted to go that way though he could find a way to make this believable which is why I included it here. Why would he do that? He might want to skip some content honestly, when you think about it another proper “vs. Big Mom” arc would take a long time. It has been 8 years since the timeskip, Wano will be another 2-3 years, who knows how long that very last war will take and what’s in between nobody really knows so time is of essence.

The Big Mom Pirates chase after the Strawhats and catch up after some time either during Wano or later on in the story.

Considering that Luffy, now with Road Poneglyph and Sanji back, has no reason to return to Totto Land other than wanting to defeat Big Mom Oda might go for this.

Big Mom doesn’t do anything because she knows that Luffy will return.


Having a complete arc against past enemies with even less reasons to fight them isn’t exactly a good narrative but Oda could easily put some fire back into this conflict. The Fishmen Pirates and the Germa could in a last ditch effort help the Strawhats escape and in the process get captured themselves. This in turn would bring Luffy (and the rest) to vow that they will return and rescue them. Fairly boring and conservative I know but outlandish theories rarely are accurate and this to me seems more grounded. The possibility of Big Mom just sitting there and waiting for Luffy to return was actually my least favourite but the idea of Jinbe’s old crew and Sanji’s family being captured made it at least on par with the two above in my mind so I wanted to share.

*Theory by JhinfangirlIrelia

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