4 Possibilities for Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi Awakening


We are all very excited to see how will our Captain’s Awakening look like – here is my little funky post with some crazy possibilities!


1) The Inflatable Castle

Ah, this one is quite popular! Luffy turns his surroundings to rubber and everyone bounces around like crazy! Imagine the struggle of the crew, when Luffy suddenly becomes able to joke around by bouncing Sanji and Zoro together so they start fighting, turning the main deck into a trampoline for Chopper, only to turn it off when Usopp jumps in. Oh the fun times!

Imagine the fights! Luffy would be able to launch himself with a greater force, destabilize the opponents by rubberizing their footing or just wreck havoc on enemy ship by making everyone hop unstoppably. Quite a scary Inflatable Castle, if you’re a Devil Fruit user and you can’t find any footing eh?

2) The Tire (New Engine)

Luffy becomes able to control the density of his own skin. Oh, this is quite serious, because now, he doesn’t even need Haki to deflect sharp things, he is as strong as the strongest tire developed by current civilization. Yes, I am talking about those tires on the Extraterrestrial surfaces, those tires that can withstand being in full-contact with lava.

While “tirizing” he would not be able to stretch as far as he were used to, but on the other hand – his punches would pack a seeeeerious amount of force. That’s because of his surfaces tension. He would be able to punch you with all of his might, then retract on the impact, punch a guy behind him and punch you again, all in a matter of miliseconds and with greater force than before.

Why am I calling this “New Engine”? Because Luffy calls his battle forms “Gears.” Why is this not a G5? Because now Luffy has a completely new “material” to create forms from. By changing the attributes of his skin, he would obtain a new body to train in. A new engine! And if it would be possible for him to shift Gears in this new body… He would shatter everything that stands before him!

3) The MicroGod of Tontattas

Luffy shrinks into a Mini-Tontatta and one hits Kaido! Impossible right? Just hear me out.

This awakening is insane. Luffy becomes able to freely control compression. In other words, he finds an opposite power to Gear Third, a way for him to shrink parts of his body, so that they occupy smaller space but keep their initial mass. He already shows us this is possible when fighting in Gear Forth – he can pull his massive hands back into themselves, shrink the arms and attack suddenly with great force and speed.

Now, imagine he can do this on a whim, with all of his body parts. You think you are aiming for his head, but hey! Now he is smaller. You’re defending against his giant G3 attack, but his suddenly really tiny fist slips trough your guard, only to enlarge itself in a massive explosion attack behind it. Imagine a complete G3 Luffy giant, compressed to pipsqueek smaller than Tontatta.

4) The Intelligent Blob of Destruction

This one is wierd and kinda scary, but in the same time really funny, because we’re talking about Luffy.

Luffy becomes a monster by obtaining a power to control his rubber individual cells freely.

He becomes this insane thing which is nonstop contracting and retracting, seemingly liquid in movement but completely solid on the impact. WTF, right? WTF is this? Yes. That’s exactly how everyone would react, because if Luffy would decide to utilize this power on all of his body at once, he would look like a destabilized Meat Fire Hedgehog on acid. His body would not only emit smoke, but the tension in his body would cause him to fully emit flames. He could instantly attack from any part of his body. I don’t know, his belly button, creating a spear-like high pressure speed attack, while dodging everything with Observation Haki and while turning every impact into his own motion force.

What are your takes on Luffy’s Awakenings? Do you have any other crazy ideas?

*Theory by Velhar

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