4 Possibilities for the Will of ‘D.’: Dawn, Devil, Donquixote or Dream


1- Dawn


It’s the most obvious one, a lot of people already thought about it since the first chapter of One Piece is called Romance dawn, and a lot of character have mentioned the “Dawn of the world” as the big event that the Straw Hats are supposed to bring in to the world.

However in my opinion, it’s the least likely to be, because first it seems a bit too obvious, also because if I understand it correctly, the D. are supposed to bring the dawn, so they can’t literally be the dawn, but more importantly, Blackbeard is a D. and he is Darkness, so how can you be Dawn and Darkness at the same time? However it’s still a very fair possibility so I count it.

2- Devil


This hit me recently, the D. are “the natural enemy of gods”, what is the natural enemy of God? The Devil.

In One Piece the Celestial Dragons call themselves Gods and rules by pretending through the World Government that they are the good guys that takes down the evil pirates. But we know that in reality they are doing the most evil stuff hidden in the shadows, so it seems very fair for people like that calling themselves God that the one who can take them down would be the “Devils” or “Demons”.


There have been a lot of time where Luffy has been called a Demon in One Piece, and we know he doesn’t want at all to be a hero, so him taking down the so called “Gods” by being considered the “Devil” seems really fits.

What is even more going for this possiblity is the fact that , since the D. are the one who are supposed to bring “the dawn of the world”, one of the equivalent word for Devil is “Lucifer” and in Latin “Lucifer” literally means “the one who brings light”.

3- Donquixote

A possibility that has occured since chapter 907 dropped and it was revealed that the Celestial Dragon that came to Fishman Island was also a Donquixote, once again this has to do with the “natural enemy of Gods” thing, because it appears that every member of the Donquixote Family, which was a Calestial Dragon family, has been a problem for them in the end, or a subversion of what they are:

  1. Homing decided to abandon the life of a Celestial Dragon and to descend to Earth to live like humans
  2. Corazon saved Law, a D., that was supposed to be exterminated by decision of the World Governmant and gave him the Ope Ope no Mi fruit which the Navy for who he was working wanted to acquire
  3. Doflamingo blackmailed the rest of the Celestial Dragons by knowing what is the secret treasure of Mary Geoise
  4. Myosgard turn back against Charloss and like Homing became “human” after his meeting with Otohime

All in all the Donquixote seems to be the worst problem for the Celestial Dragons, and the worst is that they were part of them at the begining.

4- Dream/Dreamer

In my opinion this one is the most likely to be the significiance of D. Roger said before he died that the One Piece is “what every man can dream of”, and we know that the will of D. and the One Piece are completely connected.

The story of the Straw Hats is a story of people going on a journey to achieve their dreams.

I said that “Dawn” didn’t really fit for Blackbeard, however “Dream” fits completely, since he is introduced with his legendary quote “people’s dream never end”.

In general One Piece is a story where the strongest character is the one who have the strongest will to accomplish his goal. So I think that’s what it is, the will of D. is the will of Dream, the will of the people who will do anything to accomplish their dreams.

And since most of this dreams are related to freedom in some way, overthrowing this tyrannic organisation that rules the world is a necessity to see these dreams come true, which is why the ones who have the will of Dreams are the natural Enemy of Gods, because they won’t accept the natural order of the world if it’s in the way of what they want.

*Theory by boris957

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