5 Characters who could return in order to stop Kaido!


Kaido wants to start the biggest war in history and this could result in a lot of collateral damage to the World Government so could WG send some of the Elite people to Wano in order to to stop Kaido’s war before it begins??

Let’s look at the possible returns:

1 – Rob Lucci


Rob Lucci could make his official return as the new CP0 in Wano.

The Government could have already sent him to gather information on Kaido’s war plan and if things got worse he can certainly handle himself and we don’t even know how strong he has gotten after the timeskip.

2 – Fujitora

We are all waiting for Admiral Ryokugyu’s introduction but we could meet again Fujitora too since his direct order was to bring back the heads of Law and Luffy. Until then he can no longer be accepted by any Marine base.

So he definitely go there to catch Luffy but more importantly I think that Marines could send 2 Admirals to deal with Kaido’s war.

3 – Dracule Mihawk


Ok so back in Marineford Akainu acknowledged Mihawk’s abilities by calling him as the “reserved Hawkeye” and didn’t expect him to actually fight like Garp was not expected to fight unless things got of hand so Mihawk could be one of the Government’s greatest assets and want better way to let him go to Wano with the navy.

4 – Kuma


Kuma hinted that he won’t be himself when he would see the Strawhats again but that could be a foreshadowing about meeting them.

Well the other reason for Kuma to be there could be because of the Pacifista he is labeled “Px-0” so he is the original one and if they are going to war against a Zoan Army they would need Pacifistas to fight equally with Kaido’s forces so bringing Kuma would be a great help.

5 – Edward Weevil

So Weevil? Yeah..well he’s a Shichibukai so if he finds out that Marco was in Wano and the Marines are going there to stop a war he might offer to help out in order to catch Marco.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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