5 Reasons Why the Whitebeard Pirates Will Come to Wano


If the Whitebeard Pirates don’t show up in Wano I will feel extremely teased.


1- Oden’s flashback showcased the beautiful relationship the Whitebeard Pirates Pirates had with him. Why show us that bond just to have them no show in the end?

2- Why reveal Izo to be Kiku’s sister if not to build up a possible return for him?


3- The whole Nekomamushi and Marco interaction reintroduced Marco post timeskip to us. Why reintroduce that character just to have him say no I’m not going and then there’s no follow up?


4- One of Whitebeard’s last orders was to protect Luffy who is about to face 2 Emperors in Wano.

5- Does Nekomamushi just show up to the war empty-handed like “couldn’t find allies I’m sorry? Every other Scabbard defied the odds and delivered on weapons/aid. Nekomamushi has to show up with additional combat power.

Lastly, and this is opinion and bias, but the Whitebeard Pirates deserve a win.

I am just saying, all these little teases have to amount for something.

*Theory by ahood34

Dr. Kureha is the former doctor of the Rocks Pirates

Ace is way stronger than we thought!