8 Things You Should Know About Big Mom


#Charlotte Linlin, more widely known as Big Mom, shares her name with the real-life pirates Charlotte Badger and Charlotte de Berry, although in their case Charlotte is their given name.


#While the Big Mom Pirates, and Totto Land as a whole, seem heavily inspired by fairy tales and fantasy fiction, Big Mom in particular shares traits with several characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland novel:
The Queen of Hearts with their extreme selfishness, their similar appearances (obese, bulbous nose, and a very wide grin), abnormal size, and the way they dress. They both also have the tendency to order the decapitation of others.

The Hatter with their obsession with tea parties.


The Duchess with their insane mood swings, oversized head, ugly face, and treating their children, and anyone else they see as subservient to them, in ways convenient only for themselves.


#During Big Mom’s rampage through Sweet City due to craving croquembouche, she climbed a tower, roared, and waved her other hand in rage, similar to the famous actions of King Kong.

#Big Mom shares some similarities with Boa Hancock.

They are both the only female members of their respective groups (Yonko and Shichibukai).
They are both the only females known to possess Haoshoku Haki.
They both wield unique living weapons (Zeus/Prometheus/Napoleon and Salome).
They are also recognized as the rulers of their own country (Queen of Totto Land and Empress of Amazon Lily).
They were both considered “goods” in the Underworld slave trade. However while Hancock was sold to the World Noble, Linlin was saved by Carmel’s disappearance.
They both suffer from unique Sicknesses (blinding food craving rages and Love Sickness)
They both have Devil Fruits that are connected to their target’s emotional state (fear and lust)
They both already had high bounties at just the start of their pirating career.

#Linlin was first issued a bounty at the age of six, making her the youngest known individual to ever have a bounty placed on their head. The second youngest is Nico Robin who gained her first bounty as an eight-year-old. She is the first Yonko to have had their past bounty revealed.

#At 28 years old, Linlin looked drastically different compared to both her early childhood days and her later years. She was remarkably slimmer and had a visible neck, chin, and jawline, and her features were significantly smaller and more proportionate to her face. Her hair was long, yet considerably less wild than in the present day, and she had a large strand of hair falling to the left side of her face. In Oda’s depiction of her at this time, she wore a dark fedora with a polka dot pattern, a bandana, and a dark, polka dotted top with a captain’s coat draped over her shoulders.

#At 48 years old, her neck was considerably larger and more muscular than it was at 28 and she had a much larger, more pronounced jaw. By this time, she had already begun wearing Napoleon and her polka-dotted bandana.

#When Tamago stated that the sweets-loving Big Mom was a female pirate, Sanji imagined her as an attractive redhead.

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